10+ Times People Unleashed Their Inner Artist and Won the Day

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By 2027, the makeup industry will be a market worth a predicted $463.5 billion, according to research. The popularity of beauty products is on a rise, and with so much to choose from, it’s only natural to want to try different gorgeous looks.

People are showing off their unique makeup skills on the Internet, and Bright Side has curated the best of the best for our readers.

1. This daughter who gave her mother a makeover

2. “When people compliment how ’flawless’ my skin is, meanwhile, I think I’ve perfected the natural no makeup look.”

3. “Gave my friend a makeover! She has classic red lips and soft makeup.”

4. “Today’s before and after”

5. “Did my beautiful mom’s makeup for my best friend’s film project! It’s hard to believe she’s 47!”

6. “A little before and after for you”

7. A glow inspired by spring

8. “My natural Eid look”

9. “Before and after makeup for my beautiful mom (kind of Brigitte Bardot/retro?)”

10. “Haven’t done drag makeup in a while, so I decided to see if I still got it!”

11. Stunning before, stunning after!

12. A transformation worth a million bucks

13. “My sister asked me to do her makeup for a Billie Eilish concert.”

14. “Everyday makeup vs drag makeup, both are rather minimalistic.”

15. “Fab over 40 makeover”

16. “Getting into drag makeup, would love some constructive critique.”

Do you wear makeup? When was the last time you got a makeover? We’d love to see your before/after shots in the comments!

Preview photo credit yo-nahs / Reddit


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