10+ Photos of Princess Diana That Actually Captured More Than What Meets the Eye

2 years ago

Diana was called the Queen of people’s hearts. This is why, even so many years later, people are still talking about her personality and we still enjoy her power and beauty. Many of us know that her true emotions were mostly behind the scenes and she was often sad even though there was a smile on her face.

Today, Bright Side and body language experts analyzed the photos of Diana and we learned so many new things about her.

Diana loved being a mother

Diana always showed love for her children through physical contact: during walks, she held their hands or put her hand on their shoulders. She often fixed their clothes, and when she talked to them, she often bent down to them to be on the same level. According to body language experts, this is one of the ways to show children you are treating them as equals.

Even though she was safe, she was still worried about her children

Diana’s position in this photo demonstrates her wish to protect her children: she keeps them close to herself. Her body language shows that she feels like a protector. Even though there’s nothing to worry about, she looks somewhat alert.

Diana respected the privacy of her sons but she showed them she was always there

During official events, Diana didn’t hug her children in front of everyone else: her body language wasn’t for the public to see. She allowed her sons to step forward and feel independent, she always let them know she was there and she supported them. Photographers often captured the sweet moments when Diana touched her sons.

It was clear from the very beginning that Diana was more of a friend for Charles than a love interest

What do people in love look like? Definitely not like Diana and Charles during their first interview together after they announced their engagement. They looked awkward in public.

When he touched her, she’d awkwardly lift her shoulders. Charles tapped her on the shoulder. This is more suitable for a friend than for a woman you love.

Speaking of love, Diana looked insecure.

Charles looked way calmer when they talked about their engagement. But Diana kept biting her lips, looking down, and just seemed really uncomfortable.

This is the interview when Charles said his famous words that really disappointed Diana. The journalist asked, “I suppose you’re in love.” Diana says, “Of course!” And Charles adds, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.” After these words, Diana looks down and her smile dies down.

Even during their wedding, they weren’t really together

wedding in a Royal family is a very important event and everyone there has to follow all the rules. But how can truly happy people that love each other not smile at each other or hold each other’s hands at least once? Look at the photos from the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William: they look far more sincere than Diana and Charles.

Their body language says that the future husband and wife are always looking in different directions. And even when Charles is looking at Diana, she is concentrated on something else. They look tense and Charles is constantly trying to catch her look or attract her attention.

In this famous photo, you can see Diana standing quite far from Charles trying to kiss him.

You can see the alienation in their photos

Of course, Diana and Charles followed the royal protocol that doesn’t approve of making contact in public. But their body positions in the photos together were often closed: Diana looks like she doesn’t want Charles to take her hand, and then both of them holding their hands behind their backs. Even when they went on a tour to Canada, Diana and Charles continued to ignore each other at public events.

Children didn’t make them any closer

In the photos of Diana, Charles, and Prince William, you can see that Charles is always away, not touching his wife and son. He often had his arms on his lap instead of playing with the kids. Diana, on the other hand, was fully invested in playing with her child.

But she still had warm feelings for Charles

There are a lot of photos where Diana looks sad and depressed during her honeymoon. But there are some photos showing that she was really in love. This photo was taken during Charles and Diana’s cruise in the Mediterranean sea. The Princess was happy — you can see in her posture and her sincere smile.

What do you think about Princess Diana?

Preview photo credit AP / East News, East News


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