10+ Photos That Will Probably Surprise You More Than a Magician Box

year ago

From funny to weird and inspiring to odd, there are a crazy amount of coincidences that happen all around us every single day. Sometimes all we need to do is pay closer attention. This compilation of photos proves our world is full of surprises, and we’ll never be without a new batch of fun.

1. “Got a double Kinder egg.”

2. “The bubbles at the bottom of my water glass look like a script of some kind.”

3. “My tea is the same shade as my mug.”

4. It’s not a horror movie scene, it’s just a street lamp.

5. “What Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe would’ve looked like in the ’70s”

6. “A hairless hamster”

7. “A cardboard box display at my local shop”

8. “The way this glass broke while creating this heart-shaped hole”

9. “I was sipping my coffee for 30 minutes before I noticed this. Wild.”

10. “Well, I guess I know what I’m going to look like when I’m old.”

11. “The color of this tree when wet looks like camouflage.”

12. “A perfect snowflake landed on my friend’s beard.”

13. “Sunlight coming through my window this morning formed a 3D celestial body of some sort.”

14. “My lighter is very similar to my rug...”

15. “On my hike today, I saw this knot on a tree that looked like a skull.”

16. “Rainbows also happen at night!”

17. “I found an ’N’ in my M&M’s.”

18. “A tiny shrub with snow on it looks like a tree from close up.”

Which of these photos surprised you most? Please tell us about it in the comments below!


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