10 Pics That Show What Having a Sibling Is All About

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4 years ago

Having a sibling can be an emotional roller-coaster. They are the ones you want to go to for comfort, but they are also the ones you want to scream at in frustration. Even after you’ve grown up and are living separately from them, you still have the memorable bonding times you’ve shared to look back on. And while reflecting on them, remember that some of them can be pretty hilarious now — even if they hurt back then.

We at Bright Side are excited to share some familiar and precious moments that those with siblings can relate to.

1. Unless you were the first or only child, you’re likely to get hand-me-down clothes.

2. Sometimes it was hard to be heard in the family, because you had to compete with your siblings.

3. You had someone to laugh with... as well as someone to laugh at you.

4. Your siblings were your partners in crime, but they were also someone to throw under the bus.

5. You had to share food, which means the faster you ate, the more you’d get.

6. If you got in trouble, you’d have more than just your parents to rely on.

7. Having siblings means you had someone to share your complaints about your parents with.

8. When your siblings aren’t around, you’re likely to feel lonely... or excited.

9. You tend to compare yourself to your siblings, or get compared to them by others.

10. Teasing your siblings is your life’s mission, no matter how old you are.

Which of these most accurately shows what it’s like between you and your brothers and sisters? Tag your siblings and see if they’d agree with you on which situations remind you of each other!


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most of these are true, I only had a sister so we didn't share clothes


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