10 Reviewer-Loved Items From Amazon That Can Make Gardening Almost Absurdly Simple

7 months ago

Spring is a busy season for passionate gardeners, and if you are one of them, it’s time to buy all the necessary tools that’ll help you grow things the neighbors will be envious of. To help you spend less time shopping, we did our homework and selected 10 gardening hits from Amazon that buyers can’t stop praising. From garden kneelers that double as benches to ingenious gloves with claws that can turn you into a wolverine capable of digging through the soil without any tools, they can make gardening a breeze for you in 2023.

1. Dig deep into the ground and keep your hands clean with these gloves with claws. These gloves can give you a real superpower, and you can do so many garden jobs without using any other tools! They are made of lightweight and waterproof polyester fiber with a natural rubber latex coating, which is very durable and can keep your hands clean and dry. The claws are firmly attached to the gloves, so you can rest assured they will stay in place as you are digging, planting, seeding, and weeding in your garden.

100+ ratings

Promising reviews: These have held up remarkably well. I live in the south and use a lot of pine needles for mulch. These allow me to handle the mulch and spread it like a pro! I will probably give the second pair to a friend as I don’t see these wearing out. Glad I purchased them. @Rd2

These gloves make my daily garden maintenance so much easier. Put them on, do the weeding, and you’re done! Usually, no other tools are needed. @MomPat

Things to consider:

The gloves come in one size and may not fit everyone’s hands equally well:

Not very comfortable for digging, they are too big for my hands. @Marina Palazzolo


2. No more pain in your knees with this portable garden kneeler that also doubles as a bench. This 2-in-1 garden tool can be folded flat in seconds: simply push in the spring mechanism and fold the legs down for easy and convenient transportation or storage. The kneeler is also equipped with 3 pockets that are great for storing garden tools and keeping them within easy reach as you work. The kneeler is made from high-quality steel tubes and long-lasting polypropylene foam, which makes the item stable and durable.

1,200+ ratings

Promising reviews: This is made from good materials, and it shows. It is very easy to use, comfortable, sturdy, and stable. I think it is excellent value, and I do not hesitate to recommend it. @Robert Evans

Great little gardening chair. I love it that you can use it to kneel on and turn it over and sit on it. It is very comfortable both on your knees and to sit on, and it’s sturdy. I think it will last a long time. @Amazon Customer

Things to consider: Some people may find the padding a bit too hard:

It is a very good product, but it is a bit hard on the knees. It could do with more padding. @Pauline Somers


3. You can make gardening so much easier if you try using this steel garden riddle. Its 10 mm square holes will help you sieve large amounts of soil with great precision. The chrome plated steel the item is made of guarantees high durability. The reviewers say they are able to clean large amounts of soil from rocks and debris easily with this sturdy riddle.

1,400+ ratings

Promising reviews: This riddle is not one of the cheap wire types where the wire eventually separates from the sides and creates dangerous spikes and enlarged holes. It has a solid galvanized grid that gives the product a solid feel and consistent riddling action. It’s a high-quality piece of equipment, highly recommended. @GM

It is much tougher than similar items made of plastic or with a wire mesh sieve. I have cleaned soil out of about 1 ton of gravel, and it still looks as good as the day it arrived. @M. J. Carrington

Things to consider:

Some customers would like to see this item in a larger size:

The quality is excellent, but it is a bit small for large-volume tasks. @Neale A


4. This rotating water sprinkler will take care of your plants and keep them watered on hot summer days. It will take just a couple of minutes to install the sprinkler head on your garden hose, and it will save you tons of time. To ensure full coverage, you can adjust the nozzles from 15° to 45° for the desired swivel speed and spraying angle. You can also adjust the amount of water sprinkled by the device.

4,600+ ratings

Promising reviews: It is great for my little lawn. It doesn’t require much pressure to gently water the grass. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for something heavy-duty to chuck lots of water out fast, but if you have a small lawn, you can just pop it in the middle, half a turn of the tap, and leave it. Then move it around, if required. It is perfect for what I wanted. @Jack Semain

It was purchased to help the grass during the hot weather we’ve been having. It covers a large area and is easy to adjust to your needs. Fabulous value for the money. I definitely recommend it. @Amy

Things to consider:

The sprinkler may require frequent repositioning if you have a large garden:

The coverage isn’t as good as I was expecting, but I just reposition it around the garden as necessary. It does the job of watering the grass. The package was cheap looking, as other reviews mention, but I don’t want or need a fancy storage bag for it, so that wasn’t an issue for me. @Bex


5. Help your seeds grow fast with these seedling trays. The trays have transparent lids with adjustable windows that will allow you to control the climate inside the trays and take better care of the seedlings. Drain holes at the bottom of each tray provide better drainage, which is necessary for growing healthy plants. The package includes 6 trays with lids, 6 base trays that will collect water, 20 plant labels, and 2 small yet functional garden tools.

1,300+ ratings

Promising reviews: I’m very impressed with these seed trays and the accessories. There’s everything you need to get your seeds off to a good start (apart from the compost and seeds obviously). They are small enough for a windowsill. I’m especially happy because I thought I was buying one tray, but there are 6! I just didn’t read the description properly. @olisue

I was just expecting the cells and lids, but this came with 2 really helpful tools and labels for the cells. Also, there are super thorough instructions. I don’t normally write reviews, but I was really impressed with these. @Clara Fitzgerald

Things to consider:

Pay attention to the size of the trays before ordering:

They are a bit smaller than I was expecting (but that was my fault as I didn’t check the measurements). This is a really nicely packed kit. I had a query, and the seller responded straight away. I am pleased with them. @Lucie H


6. And this is a smart and discreet way to support your vegetables: plant clips. Don’t get deceived by their small size— these clips are strong enough to help your plants grow upright and healthy. With the help of these clips, you can easily fasten a plant stem or branch to a support, a rope, or another branch. The clips are perfect for growing different kinds of plants, like tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, peppers, chilis, flowers, rose bushes, cucumbers, grapes, pumpkins, etc.

600+ ratings

Promising reviews: I am using these for growing cucumbers vertically. They work very well. They stay closed, yet I have been able to move them once they have been closed, which is nice. They do not cut into the vines, and I should be able to remove these at the end of the season. It is a great value to get that many clips for this price. @J

I had never used these before. I read on a garden site that these work well to stake up heavy branches. I have used them, and they are great. They are easy to use, and you get enough of them to be able to pull up any branches needed. These work really nicely and make staking up tomatoes very easy. @T Camp

Things to consider:

Some buyers say it may be tricky to use these clips with one hand:

Single-handed use is difficult. I used these for tomato staking and support. They tend to collapse when using one hand, which is sometimes a necessity. @Theodore E. Kalutz


7. With these plant support rings your flowers and trees won’t fall when they grow heavy flower heads or fruits. The seller offers the rings in several sizes so that you can choose those that will support your plants the best. They stand firmly and are hard to bend which means they can resist harsh weather conditions pretty well. The dark green color makes the rings almost invisible in your garden.

300+ ratings

Promising reviews: These certainly do the job required. You do need to know what height and width you will require for your plants. I bought these in an attempt to stop our dog from stomping through my new shrubs, and it does work reasonably well as they get in her way, and she now avoids going in that direction. She is a springer spaniel, so she is not that large.
A larger, more powerful dog would probably just knock them over anyway. They also support the plants, which I think is really what they are made to do! @Trish D

I used them for bottle brush plants that were being battered by the wind and threatening to snap. These made them much more stable. They are easy to use and a good value. @susan layden

Things to consider:

Pay attention to the size of the rings you are ordering:

I bought these for an indoor plant. They seem to do the job. They were a bit fiddly and too big for the pot, really, but that’s my bad for not measuring it first. @Laura


8. If you’re a fan of versatile and multifunctional devices, then this garden chair with a textile tool organizer was probably created for you. This foldable chair can be carried around with ease, and it provides an ideal place to sit while gardening. The removable bag with spacious side compartments provides plenty of space for gardening tools and accessories ensuring they are always at hand when you need them!

800+ ratings

Promising reviews: I bought this for my mom’s birthday, and she loves it. She’s got a green thumb but has had a hip replacement and struggles to spend long periods of time bent over in the garden. So this was perfect. She’s put all of her essential tools in the chair, and she can move it around easily and garden for hours. I am very pleased. @Stephanie

I brought this for my mom as a present to stop her from kneeling while gardening, and she simply loves it. It is a great quality and value, and it is pretty much used daily. @Mr M.

Things to consider:

Some gardeners may find the chair too low:

It’s an ok seat but very low and difficult to get out of. @Sunny2907


9. And this is another versatile item that can help you carry around many gardening necessities: a garden apron with multiple pockets for tools. Waterproof and wear-resistant, the apron will serve you for a long time, while its adjustable strap and belt will make wearing it comfortable for people of all sizes. The apron has a top pocket, 5 big pockets, 4 medium pockets, and 4 small pockets for your ultimate convenience. There are also different colors to choose from.

1,300+ ratings

Promising reviews: I bought this for a friend and had her name embroidered on the top by a local company. It’s perfect. A good selection of pockets. It is above knee level, so work can easily be done when kneeling. I might have to get myself one now too! @DoodsMum

Apart from a funny smell due to the packaging, which I’m sure will wear off, it seems to be a nice little sturdy apron ideal for gardening. If you’re expecting a big one, it’s not, but I knew that as I checked measurements. It’s perfect for me. @Fiona starkey

Things to consider:

Some buyers find the apron a bit too short:

Everything about this is great, the pockets are well-sized and accessible, and it is nice durable material, but it would be perfect if there were an option to have it longer, so the apron goes down closer to knee-length. @Andrew


10. Make your harvest unreachable for birds and other animals with this protection net tunnel. The tunnel will keep insects and birds off your plants, but at the same time it will let the sunshine in and allow the air to freely circulate inside. If you have long vegetable beds, you can easily connect several net tunnels together and create a big tunnel to protect your plants!

1,100+ ratings

Promising reviews: It fits the length of our raised beds perfectly. It is slightly shorter than other competitor cloche tunnels I already have, but these are a better fit. The metal supports are easy to adjust depending on the height and/or width required.
The netting appears strong enough to protect plants from birds. I have ordered more. It has a better price than other brands. @Alison

Last year my strawberry plants fed the birds well in our garden, and we didn’t get a look in, not this year! These netted cloches are ideal for covering the plants we have positioned in our planters made from sleepers. The tunnel wires are neatly spaced and provide flexibility to be placed where needed so as not to damage plants. Let’s hope they do the job and protect our crop, and we get to eat the strawberries this year instead of the birds. @Marie Hampton

Things to consider:

This is a good choice for smaller plants:

These are very good for smaller plants and keep all the insects and pigeons off. Wish they were made bigger and taller for larger plants. @susan lewis


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