10 Signs You’ve Got an Inexperienced Eyelash Stylist

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Eyelash extension has become really popular recently. However, the results of this procedure can be quite unexpected sometimes, leaving us frustrated and disappointed. The problem is that even if an eyelash stylist has a beautiful Instagram page or a lot of positive reviews, this doesn’t guarantee that you will get what you want. So, we decided to do a little research and figure out which signs indicate that your eyelash stylist is not experienced and professional enough.

10. Your eyelash technician works too fast.

The process of eyelash extension application should take at least 90 minutes if the procedure is carried out by an experienced technician, and up to 120 minutes, if they are quite new to it. If you see that your eyelash technician tries to finish their work as quickly as possible, you can assume that they want to get more clients in and earn more money, thus the quality of the procedure will be lower.

9. Brushing your eyelash extensions causes discomfort.

If you can’t brush your eyelash extensions properly, this means that the procedure has been done incorrectly. It’s possible that your technician used too much glue, which means poor isolation of your lashes during the application. Pay attention to how many tweezers the tech uses during work. A professional technician will always use 2 tweezers: the first tweezers are used for the isolation of the eyelashes, and the second ones are used for detailed work.

8. You feel a burning sensation in your eyes during the application process.

An experienced eyelash stylist will ensure your eyes are completely shut throughout the whole process. If you feel burning in the eyes during and after the procedure, this means your eyelash stylist hasn’t taken the necessary safety precautions to prevent chemical fumes from coming into contact with your eyes.

Perhaps, they lift your eyelid to get to hard-to-reach places instead of using a special mirror, due to which fumes affect your eyes. Remember that applying eyelash extensions is a relaxing, painless process if everything is done correctly.

7. You can see glue.

Lash extensions should not come into contact with the lash line at any time. Where the extensions are adhered to the natural eyelash, it should be a seamless application with no signs of glue.

Using too much glue can lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, this can cause premature hair loss or a reduction in the growth of natural eyelashes. So, if your eyelash technician doesn’t pay attention to these things, it’s best to choose another one.

6. Your eyelid skin gets irritated.

Itching, redness, and swelling can appear for 2 reasons. First, is an improper application technique. Eyelash extensions should be placed about 1 millimeter away from the skin. If they are placed closer to the natural lash line, they may rub against the eyelid skin and cause irritation.

Second, glue that contains formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions. This is why you should ask your tech about the glue ingredients before they begin the application.

5. The extensions are all one length from the inner to the outer eye.

Eyelash extensions are different from a fake lash strip because an eyelash technician mixes lashes of different lengths to make them look as natural as possible. Thus, if your extensions are all one length from the inner to the outer eye, this means that the work has been done badly.

4. Your eyelash extensions poke your eyelids as your natural lashes begin to grow in.

This may happen if your technician has done the application incorrectly. Extensions can dangle, twist, and poke your eyelids if they haven’t been angled correctly or if the wrong type of lash extensions have been used. And the more your eyelashes grow, the more discomfort you’ll feel. So it’s best to return to the salon where you had the extensions done as soon as possible.

3. Your technician doesn’t take simple safety precautions.

Safety precautions also include application of eye pads under your eyes. This is very important because eye pads help to keep the upper eyelashes separated from the lower eyelashes. Without them, the natural eyelashes below can mix with the extensions above, and it will be quite difficult and painful to separate them from each other.

2. You start losing your eyelash extensions too quickly.

First, this can be caused by a short lash cycle because some people go through the cycle much quicker than others. Second, extensions may fall out because you haven’t followed specific rules. For example, you should avoid having water touch your extensions during the first 48 hours.

If these 2 reasons are not the case, and it’s the first time this has happened to your extensions, then this must be the technician’s fault. For example, your tech hasn’t cleaned your eyelashes properly, they’ve used poor quality glue, they haven’t angled the extensions correctly, etc.

1. Your extensions look fake.

The final result depends on many factors. If you see that your extensions look fake, this means that the tech hasn’t taken the shape of your eyes into account, or they’ve used lashes that are too thick and not curly enough. An unscrupulous technician can even use cheap fake lash strips which are not intended for this procedure.

Anyway, it’s always a good idea to let your technician know what extensions you want to get before the procedure. And if the result doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s best to turn to another eyelash stylist.

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? Do you know how to distinguish a professional eyelash stylist from an amateur? Tell us in the comments below.


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