10 Life Hacks So Simple You’ll Wish You’d Known Them Sooner

Some solutions hide in plain sight, but somehow, we overlook them. What a relief it is to find that simple things we use 24/7 can actually become twice as useful. Besides, it’s also a little reminder to look at everything from different perspectives and see the potential in, say, an ordinary spatula.

Bright Side found 10 ways you can repurpose everyday household items or simplify already used ones.

1. How to tuck your bed perfectly

Instead of doing it with your hands and running the risk of broken nails or burrs on the fingers, you can use a spatula and tuck your bed in safely.

2. How to keep your chargers organized

Use a magazine holder to make a neat and tidy charging station for all your devices.

3. How to keep your kitchen towels in place

Towels tend to fall off the stove handle; you may accidentally drop them, or they fall after you walk by. You can prevent that by using fabric tape: add a strip to the towel and stick its sides together.

4. How to make your carpet look like new again

If your carpet is stained, don’t scrub it with sponges or use tons of detergent. Just use the steam from an iron. Make sure you place a cloth in between so as not to leave burn stains instead.

5. How to keep your water cold

Fill a water bottle halfway and put it in the freezer lying down. Once the water is frozen, fill the bottle completely. This way, it will stay cooler for longer.

6. How to make your perfume last longer

Before applying perfume, rub some vaseline on your skin. This will make the scent more durable.

7. How to use a can opener correctly

Instead of using it sideways, it should go flat. This way, you won’t have to dig your fingers around the lid.

8. How to open a jar of Nutella like a pro

Jars of Nutella actually have a secret compartment for a small plastic knife. Take off the lid, remove the two layers (white and silver) and find the hidden knife you can use to cut the tin foil.

9. How to repurpose an old lipstick tube

Use an old lipstick tube as an ice roller. Clean the tube thoroughly and pour some water inside. Put it in the freezer, and now you don’t have to hold ice cubes with your fingers.

10. How to remove security tags

Sometimes cashiers forget to take them off, so you go home only to discover that your new T-shirt has a tag on it. Luckily, you can save time and not go back by using two forks.

What hacks do you know that are super simple but effective? Which ones never work?


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