10 Things That Can Make Us Look Outdated and Frumpy

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5 months ago

Many people want to look trendy, fit, and young. And in order to do this, we use different tricks and follow fashion trends. However, all our efforts can be futile because even ultra-fashionable clothes can fit badly. We decided to find out what things can make us look older and were quite surprised by what we discovered.

An abundance of conservative pieces in one outfit

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A conservative style of clothing allows you to look elegant in any situation. But you shouldn’t go overboard with it, as the combination of several classic items in one outfit can make you look a couple of years older. A tweed jacket, pearls, and a blouse with a bow, for instance, are just too much for one look.

Instead, it’s best to combine conservative pieces with more edgy ones, creating a balanced look. For example, try wearing a tweed jacket with modern jewelry, or a classic pearl necklace with a bright bandage dress.

Shiny tights

These tights look old-fashioned and draw too much attention.

It’s better to choose black tights in either matte or shiny versions. And if your outfit requires nude-colored tights, then go for a matte see-through option. These tights are barely visible but create a sophisticated look.

Covering up too much

An outfit that hides the body under layers of clothes literally screams that a person is trying their best not to stand out. This choice of attire is more common for elderly people who tend to cover themselves up with clothes.

It’s best to reveal some parts of your body, like the neckline area or arms, to look more vibrant and modern.

Total black

It might seem like the color black can make you look slimmer and is suitable for any occasion, but, in fact, clothes of this color are very contrasting. And when something black is near your face, it highlights all the wrinkles and blemishes on it.

Therefore, it’s best to choose a top in a lighter color, while the bottom can still be black.

Frumpy jeans

High-waisted jeans are back in fashion, right out of the ’80s. This is why you might be tempted to dig out your old pants in order not to spend money on new pairs. But this is not the best idea.

The fact is that jeans, at that time, were made from coarse, dense denim, which wasn’t stretchy, so these jeans were not really tailored to your shape. And because of this, the pants tend to look baggy and frumpy. So, if you want to wear high-rise jeans, it’s best to buy new ones that fit your figure.

Chunky heels and platform shoes

Chunky heels and platform shoes add unnecessary heaviness to the bottom part of your body.

It’s best to go for stilettos or kitten heels. And in order to make your look more refined, choose a pointed toe.

Floor-length skirts

Sometimes women wear very long skirts to hide body imperfections that aren’t always even there. But you might end up with the opposite result because this type of skirt can make you look wider and frumpier.

According to experts, you can find the most flattering skirt length for your shape by looking in the mirror and noting the slimmest part of the area around your knee. That’s where your hemline should hit.

Stretch-band pants

Stretch-band comfy pants are often associated with elderly people. And this is because wrinkles around the waist and square cuts don’t tend to flatter any body type.

But if comfort is very important to you, try to choose pants that have a wide stretch band around the waistline. This way, the pants will fit better.

Socks that peek out

Wearing sneakers or flats without socks can be quite uncomfortable, but pairing shoes with ankle socks makes your overall look frumpier.

Instead, get no-show socks or loafer socks that give you coverage without peeking out.

A silk scarf around your neck

A short silk scarf tied around your neck can draw unwanted attention to the area and highlight age-related imperfections. Besides, this accessory is long out of fashion.

But if you have a beautiful silk scarf and want to wear it, it’s much more fun to tie it around the handle of a purse in a contrasting color.

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