10 Little Things That Can Make Us Look Older

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Sometimes just a single small detail can make you look older than you really are. And perhaps very few people really want that. Considering this, we decided to figure out what things can make us look older and how to avoid this.

Narrow or dark rims on glasses

If you have to wear glasses because of poor vision, it’s best to avoid those with narrow rims. Try to go for wider or more colorful rims that will emphasize your facial features. Also, keep in mind that black or brown rims can make you look older, especially if you don’t wear makeup.

Dark or black clothing

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Black is a basic color that can be combined with any other shade. But this doesn’t mean that you should always wear it with everything. True black often emphasizes the age-related changes of mature skin. At the same time, the shades of turquoise, pink, gray, navy blue, or light blue can help you look younger.

Floral prints with large flowers

In order to look light and fresh, it’s best to choose floral prints with small flowers over those with large flowers. The silhouette is also important. You’ll look younger if you wear a shirtwaist dress, a wrap dress, or a pencil skirt.

Hairstyles with a middle part

Hair tends to get thinner and less voluminous with age, but this can be easily disguised with the right hairstyle. Stylists recommend changing the way you part your hair from time to time — this trick will add volume to your hair.

Dark eyeshadow

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Another thing that can make you look older is dark eyeshadow, as well as black eyeliner. This is because dark eyeshadow tends to bleed easily and can accentuate lines around the eyes, while lighter shades will help you look clean and fresh.

Big hoop earrings

Wide and big silver or gold hoop earrings can be quite tricky. Their main problem is that they stretch down your earlobes with their weight. So by choosing small, lightweight hoop earrings, you’ll look way more modern and trendy.

Powder makeup

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Dehydrated skin looks more mature. And powder makeup can only make things worse because it accentuates crow’s feet, frown lines, and wrinkles.

Old-fashioned shoes

Sometimes, we just go for comfortable shoes despite their outdated appearance. But they can play a trick on you and totally ruin your outfit. There is no need to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of style. Nowadays, there are many stylish and nice-looking shoes that you can feel comfortable in.

Dry hands

Skin tends to become drier with age, so you need to take care of it regularly. Sun exposure and repeated washing, among other things, can make the skin appear dry and husky.

To keep your hands nice and soft, make sure to moisturize them daily with the help of lotion that contains SPF and urea creams.

Too much mascara

In order to make our eyes more expressive, we may apply too much mascara to our lashes. But this can make your gaze “heavy.” That’s why it’s very important to apply just enough mascara and in the right areas, and it’s also a good idea to curl your lashes before applying any mascara.

Preview photo credit Collin Xavier / Image Press Agency ABACA / Abaca / East News, Jordan Strauss / Invision / East News


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