7 Sneaky Things That Can Make You Look 10 Years Older

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2 years ago

Even the color of your eyebrows can make your face look older. Sometimes we make styling mistakes that can turn a 17-year-old girl into a 33-year-old woman. But the good news? It’s easy to fix.

We at Bright Side are on guard for your beauty and youth and are sharing what mistakes in your look can make you appear older.

1. Thin and light eyebrows

According to experts, there are some things about your eyebrows that can make you look older.

  1. You overdo it with products, making them look artificial.
  2. You lighten your brows or leave them pale. There is an association between aging and having your hair and eyebrows become pale. The more contrast on your face there is, the younger you look.
  3. You don’t fill in your eyebrows’ tails.
  4. You make your eyebrows thin. There is also an association between aging and thinning hair.

2. Big artificial lips

Children practically never have huge lips, so big, artificial lips are never associated with youth. Your lips, given by nature, perfectly harmonize with the other features on your face. Yes, plump lips make you look younger, but too much filler can have the opposite effect.

3. Hair color opposite of your skin color type

If you have a warm skin tone and dye your hair black, then your new hair color falls into dissonance with your skin tone, and you see that you are visually older. As a result, circles under your eyes become more visible, and the skin may get red.

4. Too much makeup

Sometimes less is more. For example, if you apply a foundation too thick, it can actually make you look older. It imprints into lines and wrinkles and makes them appear even harsher.

5. Thinness instead of being fit

Women with thin, angular faces may need 20% to 25% percent body fat so their face stays young. Also, if they work out a lot and don’t eat enough, this thinness also strikes their faces. And sometimes, this look can make them look older.

6. Yellow teeth

With age, teeth can get more yellow or discolored, and it’s also associated with getting old. Nowadays, it’s possible to restore your enamel safely and get a healthy, young smile.

7. Complicated, outdated hairstyles

Give proper thought to your hairstyle. Even small details can age you. A dated hairstyle can really age a woman. For example, bangs from the ’80s can add some years to your look.

What tips do you have for staying young? What mistakes have you made that had you looking older?


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