10 Things That Happen to Your Body After 30

3 years ago

After age 30 our body starts going through different changes and some of them can be surprising for us. For example, despite the fact that we are more experienced our brain actually gets smaller. If you noticed that you sweat less after 30, this is also a part of the aging process.

We at Bright Side got curious about what experts say about changes in our brain and body after 30 and would like to share it with you.

1. Your brain gets smaller.

No, your brain doesn’t grow with age. The opposite thing actually happens. When you get older, certain parts of the brain shrink. It loses approximately 50,000 neurons per day after age 30. But there is no reason to panic because our brain knows how to adapt.

It has also been found that the volume of the brain declines with age at a rate of around 5% per decade after age 40. These things affect memory, especially episodic memory.

2. You sweat less.

It’s great to know that women start sweating differently with age. Some changes are related to menopause, i.e. hot flashes, but also it turned out that sweat glands (mostly under the arms) shrink with age. As a result, they are less sensitive and reduce perspiration production.

3. You catch a cold less often.

Just remember yourself when you were a kid. While our parents were going to work and feeling well, we would miss our classes at school because of a cold. Good news for us. Sneezing and coughing happen less often when we get older. When you reach middle age, you’ve already had many diseases and your immune response has become more expansive.

4. Your sense of taste gets weaker.

Your sense of taste may fade with age and you might even have less interest in eating because of it. Most people lose some of their taste buds, especially after age 60. That’s why older people often eat more foods that are high in sugar and salt. The same thing happens to your sense of smell.

5. You have less muscle mass.

One of the most pronounced effects of aging is the loss of muscle mass. As a result, we get weaker. It decreases by approximately 3–8% per decade after the age of 30. This rate declines even more after the age of 60.

6. Your metabolism stabilizes.

Researchers suggest that our metabolism goes through stabilization with age and that the most critical period seems to be around the age of 50-60. After 80, it becomes slow but finally finishes the process of stabilization. So this means that our weight won’t go through big changes. We will burn fewer calories but at the same time, when we are older we will eat less than younger people.

7. Your personality stabilizes and you become who you are.

If you spent your teenage years in a very emotional state and your 20s were a period when you tried to prove something to the world, after age 30 you get more settled. Researchers suggest that the plateau of stabilizing our personality happens between 30 and 50.

8. Your nails grow slower.

Researchers have found that when we are young, our nails grow fast. This was first noticed by Dr. William Bean who observed that his left thumbnail grew at a rate of 0.123 mm per day. After age 67, this rate dropped to 0.095 mm per day. These changes can be caused by slower blood circulation.

9. Your teeth become less sensitive.

Your teeth also become less sensitive and this happens because dentin (the hard inner tissue) becomes stronger with age, between the outer enamel of a tooth and its central nerve. This strengthening causes a loss of sensitivity.

10. You feel happier.

When you’re a kid, you generally feel good about life. Then this sense diminishes which can send you into crisis mode. Traditionally, aging has been viewed as a period of decline in the physical and psychosocial state, but researchers have actually found that when we are old, we may feel even happier and more satisfied. Less depression and greater optimism were also experienced.

What is the most beautiful thing about aging in your opinion? Which age has been the happiest for you?


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