10 Things You Can Do With Your Partner Before Bedtime to Be Fully Happy

4 out of 5 couples consider Facebook as one of the main reasons for their break up. This is due to the fact that people spend more time on the internet than talking to each other. Besides, in order to be happy partners, time spent together can’t be simply measured by hours. It must be qualitative. And in order to accomplish this, you can use these tips.

Bright Side wants to share some ideas with you about joint activities in the evening that will help you become a happier couple.

1. Cooking and eating together

Cooking together can provide a lot of benefits like equality, learning, and memories. When you cook together, you can share your tricks, remember and discuss your favorite childhood dishes, and feel your relations as partnership. Both of you take part in preparing meals, no one is tired after hours in the kitchen and no one feels like they must do everything by themselves, alone.

After that you’ve prepared the dinner, it’s beneficial to eat together. It can help to improve your closeness and put you in a better mood. While sharing a meal, you communicate with each other, feel your connection, and are able to share your plans and ideas.

2. Talking about the good part of the day

One of the steps for a good sleep and a healthy relationship is to avoid stressful or anxiety-induced discussions. The reason is that a racing heartbeat and increased tension could occur. Even if the day was not that great, you can always find something positive to talk about and let your partner sleep, free of worries.

A simple question about something good that happened during the day will help change your mood and evoke positive emotions. It’s also a good opportunity to stay connected with your partner and get to know about their life outside of the home.

3. Gaze into each other’s eyes.

Looking into each other’s eyes is as powerful, as it is simple. During this process, you can feel your partner. An invisible energy connection is established when you’re eye gazing. It helps you break down the barriers and understand your unity better. This increases relaxation, as well as your emotional bond.

Just sit across from one another and look into each other’s eyes. Try to feel the connection and try to read the emotions in your partner’s eyes. Do this for 2 minutes.

4. Remember your first times together

Before you go to bed, try to remember the first time you met your partner. Share your impressions about this and ask your partner to tell you what they felt. You can re-read your love letters, remember your first date, kisses, and hugs. It’s also useful for relationships to relive and repeat their first romantic moments.

Shared memories unite you and bring you back to those pleasant moments. It helps you to tune-in in a positive way and makes your relationship stronger.

5. Give each other a massage.

According to studies, couples who give each other regular massages feel more satisfied. It improves their well-being and reduces stress. A 15-minute massage for each partner, at least 2 times a week, is effective for mental and physical health. It makes you feel better while both giving and receiving a massage.

6. Try some dance moves.

You maximize your cognitive function while dancing, and most importantly, you will do some exercise while having fun with your partner. Even if you are a little tired at the end of the day, for a couple of minutes just play your favorite song and invite them to dance.

Dancing together is good for passion in your relationship. It also helps you to pay attention to each other. You work as a team, supporting and following each other. You communicate in both non-verbal and verbal ways and improve collaboration and respect.

7. Sing for your partner.

Singing before sleeping is a great way to bond. Just remember the lullabies you heard as a child before falling asleep and how profound they were at making a connection. Singing has positive psychological effects and improves well-being.

While singing, you release energy, your mood changes, and you feel happier. You can open up to your partner, which will allow you to get close. Additionally, singing in front of someone improves your confidence.

8. Read to each other.

While reading, you both discover new things and get a lot of information to discuss. You learn together, become smarter, and share similar interests. You get to know and understand your partner better while talking about a book you’ve just read together.

It improves your connection and makes your relationship stronger. Besides, reading makes you more attractive.

9. Express gratitude.

According to science, gratitude is not just an action, but an emotion of appreciation and a form of generosity and kindness. Expressing gratitude improves communal strength. You can evoke this emotion in different ways.

Before falling asleep, thank your partner for breakfast or for looking after the kids. You can show your gratitude by your actions: prepare a warm bath for your loved one, make hot tea, or take care of their comfort in some other way. It will empower your relationship.

10. Go to bed at the same time.

It can cause several problems if partners have different bedtimes. These partners usually have more conflicts, spend less time together, and have less-frequent sexual activity. They lose intimacy and their connection which can lead to a break-up.

That is why, in order to maintain the warmth of the relationship and not have the feeling of loneliness, couples should go to bed around the same period of time. This prevents negative late night habits, provides more time for each other, and helps strengthen the bond.

Which of these ideas would you like to try? Do you know any other useful “before bedtime” activities? Tell us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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