10+ Times People Were Awfully Unlucky

2 years ago

Anyone can recall a day when they were the unluckiest person in the world, like when a bus door closed right in front of you, you fell on a sunny day, your biscuit got burned, or you got splashed with water by a careless driver. But over time, all these situations don’t seem as sad and we can recall them with laughter. And some users even post photos of their epic fails and get thousands of likes.

We at Bright Side sympathize with all the people from this article, and we’re sure that everything’s going to be alright.

1. “Wanted to start my day with a big coffee. The splat even has a face...”

2. “In the warehouse, right now...”

3. “About to finish the book only to discover that 10 pages are missing.”

4. “Ordered a new right-arrow key for my laptop for $8 but they gave me a left-arrow key. I can’t place it in upside down because the corner of the right-arrow slot is slightly cut off.”

5. My cat snuck by me into my man cave and got locked there overnight. Had to spray down the entire cushion with vinegar and baking soda to remove the smell from my 1-week old couch that I hadn’t even paid for yet.

6. “They were wondering why their new plumbing was leaking.”

7. “Ended a 12-hour-shift falling down some stairs and sprained my ankle but my family doesn’t believe me because it’s April 1.”

8. “I spent over 4 hours baking a cake only to immediately drop it.”

9. “Someone stole the wheels off our recycling bin. But why?”

10. “Got this sofa stuck and need a professional that knows how to fix it.”

11. The point of no return

12. “Now I know my ABCs, I’ll write them on our SUV.”

Have you ever had really funny fails? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit supergush / Reddit


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#3 is just cruel! I wonder who tore those pages? Could this be done in the store??


I've through a similar situation like in number 2 and omg... what a terrible experience ?


I can only imagine how suffering the guy from no. 11 went through trying to get out of that place ???


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