10+ Times When Children’s Blunt Honesty Cracked Adults Up

Children are an inexhaustible source of laughter and fun. Thanks to their innocence and boundless sincerity, they can make us smile without even trying. Below, we will see some of the unfiltered comments of the little ones that undoubtedly managed to make more than one adult crack a smile.

  • I’m not the biggest fan of kids, but I had to take care of kids as a part of the human services class at trade school. In moderation, it wasn’t so bad. Despite not being the best with kids, they were fascinated to death of me because I was the first experience with a foreigner some of them had. When each student had to be partnered with someone, they’d fight over who gets to be with “the funny-sounding lady”.
    One day we watched a KidSongs movie about world cultures, and they noticed Polynesia/New Zealand wasn’t among the cultures. A couple of the kids gasped and said, “Poor Vally must be the last of her kind,” and they offered to help rebuild my civilization. © MozartWasARed / Reddit
  • A little kid approached me a few days ago and said, “Why does your face look like that?” I said, “What do you mean? This is just my face!” They stared at me solemnly for a while and then said, “Oh. OK.” And they ran off.
    Keep in mind, I wasn’t wearing fancy makeup or anything. I don’t have any piercings or tattoos. I was just ... existing. With a face. I had a good laugh and shared this interaction with my friends. © thestrangelittleone / Reddit
  • I have 3 kids, my son and his younger twin sisters. Two years ago, my son asked me how one of his sisters could be older than the other if they were born on the same day. So I explained one came out 15 mins before the other. To which he replied, “Oooooh, I get it because if they both had come out at the same time, they would have gotten stuck in your throat!” © SatisfactionAny5524 / Reddit
  • I was chilling in a park while my friend was entertaining their kids on one of the things. A random kid came up to me and just decided my wheelchair was a climbing frame; he then told me to get out, so he could “have a turn” 😂😂😂 © ZipporahMai / Reddit
  • I got this question from my son: “Mom, were you alive when dinosaurs were around?” another time, he was SHOCKED to know my name wasn’t MOM. He has also asked in the middle of the store from the top of his lungs if I needed diapers (menstrual pads), and so many more. © respectfulme / Reddit
  • A child of 6 once asked me if I was a baby, I said, “No, I’m a man. Why?” His response was, “You have no hair like a baby.” I was a shaven-headed 46. © MPB_1972 / Reddit
  • I teach pre-kinder. We had a kid lying down on the playground in a t-like pose, feet together and arms out to the side. I asked him to move because someone would inevitably jump on him and hurt him. He gets up and bebops away, saying, “Oh, sorry! I was just pretending I was dying!” © drewwfuss / Reddit
  • Many years ago, my close friend’s daughter (about 5/6yrs) told me she had something she needed to show me, it was very important, and she could only show me if I promised not to say anything. I was really concerned about what she wanted to show me, as she was so serious about it. She took me to a cupboard, rooted around at the back of it, and pulled out an old lunch box. In it was a very old dried-up sliced apple.
    Apparently, my friend had put it in her lunch box for school. However, she didn’t want to eat it, but wanted to keep it to see what would happen to it. She just wanted to show me her secret dried-up apple. So random. Now she’s an adult, and we both still laugh at her weirdness over the apple incident. © rizozzy1 / Reddit
  • I was rocking a shaved head for a while, and when it was fresh and low and bleached, I did look just about bald. I was using a bathroom in a grocery store, and while I washed my hands, a little girl was staring at me HARD.
    I looked over and waved, and she said, “You are sooooo beauuuutifulllll!” I said, “Thank you! So are you!” And then she asked, “Are you sick?” while waiving her hand over her head. I said, “Nope, I shaved it because I like it this way,” and she looked super satisfied with that and just nodded in approval and skipped off. © lumpydukeofspacenuts / Reddit
  • My son was 4, and we were snuggling. A very sweet moment. Then he cupped my face with his little hands and said, “Did you know there’s an operation that can take those wrinkles off your face?” With the sweetest smile, lol. © neonglasswing / Reddit

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say? What’s the funniest thing you’ve said when you were a child?

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