10 Tricks to Lengthen the Silhouette Using Your Own Clothes

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We can’t change certain things about our appearance, like our height. But we can look taller, and we have stylists to thank for that. Even celebrities swear by the fashion tricks we will describe next. Let’s see how you can show off a slender figure and highlight your strong points.

1. Hats create a visual effect of height.

Hats are becoming increasingly popular as they help protect the face from the sun. They’re also your perfect ally to look a few inches taller. When choosing the right one, consider these tips:

  • It shouldn’t be wider than your shoulders;
  • Its color shouldn’t clash with the rest of your clothes;
  • Try wearing it at a jaunty angle;
  • Avoid flat or level hats.

2. Baggy clothes make the body look broader.

Avoid baggy clothes at all costs because they give the illusion of a broader rather than taller figure. When choosing your outfit for the day, wear clothes that elongate your silhouette from head to toe. If you want to be comfy and wear an oversized or loose piece, you can follow the example of Ashley Graham and highlight your silhouette by using a belt that defines the waist.

3. Black can be your best friend when worn in the right size.

Black clothes can hide all your secrets and highlight what you want to show. They can also create a dramatic effect that looks fabulous — just check these celebrity outfits out.

Nevertheless, be mindful of the size when choosing dark clothes. If they’re too loose, your outfit will look dull and shapeless. To bring out your beautiful curves and even elongate your figure, choose something that’s the right fit — not too tight or baggy.

4. Cropped tops and short jackets balance your proportions.

If you want to add a touch of style to your outfit and look taller and slimmer at the same time, the best way is through garments that emphasize your figure. Cropped tops and short jackets play a crucial role, making your legs look longer and the upper body smaller. If you don’t want to show your belly, a cinched-waist top with high-waisted pants can be an excellent option. No matter which piece you choose, the goal should be to highlight the silhouette.

5. Jewelry is just as important as clothing.

While clothes and shoes are essential to balance your proportions, jewelry can be a great complement to your appearance. One way to make you seem taller is to wear long, thin necklaces, which give the illusion of a long and slender neck and add elegance to any look. Long earrings are another way to add a few inches to your height.

Opt for lightweight ones with varied geometric shapes, like triangles, squares, and rectangles. To keep your look delicate and understated, don’t go overboard and try to wear everything together at once.

6. Pointy and skin-colored shoes give the appearance of slender, elongated legs.

Unless you’re naturally tall like Kate Middleton, you might rely on high heels to add those missing inches of height. But you may not know that the right style of shoes can optimize the height effect even further. For example, pointy shoes can make a half-inch difference in the shape of your feet, which makes a big difference when trying to look taller. Even flat shoes with pointed toes work when you don’t want to wear heels.

Another styling tip is for the color of your shoes to be as close as possible to your natural skin tone. This will give the illusion that your legs are more elongated.

7. Dark tones can highlight your strongest features.

Fashion is not just about matching patterns and designs; it’s about understanding how to complement colors correctly to bring out your best attributes. For example, dark or brightly colored trousers look good with a light-colored blouse, making your legs appear longer. This technique also works the other way around — by combining light and dark colors in lower and upper garments, your body may look more elongated.

8. Short skirts and straight jeans elongate the body.

High-waisted jeans can make you look leggy since it appears that the legs start at the waist, thus shortening the torso and producing a lengthening effect. On the other hand, you should avoid low-rise jeans, as they shorten the shape of the legs. Style experts recommend straight-leg jeans because they create an effect in which the straight line makes your lower body look longer.

The same happens with skirts — wearing them a few inches above the knee creates the illusion of height. They also slim the silhouette.

9. Long, fitted sleeves give a vertical effect to the silhouette.

Puffy sleeves have earned their place in everyone’s closet, as they are attractive and original. However, they create horizontal lines on the upper body, which make it look wider rather than long. On the other hand, fitted and 3/4 sleeves create a vertical effect, which helps the eye travel upward, giving the attire a longer, slimmer silhouette.

10. Show some skin with the right cleavage.

Showing a little skin helps to elongate the figure. This is possible thanks to the illusion of extra space. You can apply this rule to the neck and chest area by wearing shirts or T-shirts with square or boat necklines. And the same applies to your arms or legs —besides showing a little skin, you’ll exude self-confidence.


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