10 Unusual University Courses That Actually Exist

3 years ago

Software developer takes the first place in 100 best jobs of 2020 from US News & World Report. Of course, stable, solid, well-paid professions are always trendy. But as much as our world changes, courses and degrees at universities become more extraordinary. And, for example, studying tree climbing is just one of the many interesting opportunities.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the variety of unusual classes at different universities. But we couldn’t yet decide which of them is the most unique. And we invite you to help us with this.

Ninja studies

  • Place: Mie University’s International Ninja Research Centre
  • About the course: This is a master’s degree devoted to ninjas. But unfortunately, you won’t become a professional ninja. You will learn everything about their history and even learn about the skills necessary to stay undetected while passing through mountainous areas. The program includes martial arts, survival, and fighting skills, as well as ninja history.

Adventure education

  • Place: Plymouth State University
  • About the course: This program involves learning active outdoor adventure. Mountaineering, rock climbing, rope courses, and other wildlife skills are on the list of courses. Afterward, you can pursue a career in everything connected to outdoor adventure and even therapeutic adventure. So this degree is all about challenge, self-discovery, and personal growth in total safety.

Surf science and technology

  • Place: Cornwall College
  • About the course: Despite its name, the program doesn’t include practical surfing. But you still can do it since the beach is very close. The main thing is that you don’t need surfing experience to study in this program. You will have a chance to create your own surfboard and understand the surfing industry. As a result, graduates can choose lots of careers from coach to event manager.

Tree climbing

  • Place: Cornell University
  • About the course: These courses are not just the simple climbing of a tree trunk that little kids do. This is much more complicated and more exciting. During these courses, you will learn different rope techniques, alternative climbing techniques, and will move from tree to tree. Also, you will learn to assess the danger of trees and even sleep in a hammock hung between the branches.

Stand-up comedy

  • Place: University of Kent
  • About the course: Humor, jokes, laughs, and the perfect mood. This module is full of it. More than half of the course time is spent on performance. But along with creating your own stand-up comedy routine and improving your performance, you will study comic theory and the works of other stand-up comedians.

Ice cream making — short course

  • Place: The Pennsylvania State University
  • About the course: Just imagine, this course has been running for 128 years. And more than 4,400 people have already taken part in it. It only lasts for 7 days, but you can learn all the nuances of ice cream technology and production during these workshops. You will even have a chance to get an award at the end of the course.

Contemporary Circus with Physical Theatre

  • Place: Bath Spa University
  • About the course: This course is filled with brightness and creativity. Clownery, acrobalance, burlesque, and much more are included here. Performances and shows go along with physical development. Moreover, after the successful completion of the Foundation Degree, you can continue to study this specialty and get your Bachelor’s degree.

Viking and Old Norse Studies, BA

  • Place: University College London
  • About the course: This program, in addition to studying the Vikings and their history, involves the study of the Scandinavian language, both modern and ancient. And the best part is a whole year spent in one of the Scandinavian countries, according to the language you decide to learn.

PGA Golf Management

  • Place: Florida Gulf Coast University
  • About the course: It turns out that you can not only be a golfer, but also get your bachelor’s degree in golf. This program offers a wide range of golf knowledge from business planning to club fitting and turfgrass management. And there are a variety of careers in this field. The best thing is that, in addition to your studies, you will also be able to play golf at the finest facilities.

Extreme weather

  • Place: University of Michigan
  • About the course: Of course, you know what extreme weather is and how it influences people and nature. But this course is not about the enumeration of cataclysms. Here you will learn more about them and their physics. And at the end, you will take part in weather analysis and storm forecasting.

So which of these courses did you find the most extraordinary? What other unusual degrees should universities create?


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