11 Curious Questions to an OB/GYN We Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

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5 years ago

For many patients, one of the scariest medical specialists is a gynecologist. Many women are scared to see this specialist, even if they have problems. And in the US, the number of men working as gynecologists is decreasing very fast because female patients feel uncomfortable seeing a man.

In general, this topic makes many people uncomfortable. They have so many questions they would like to ask, but they’re too shy. This is why we at Bright Side found the most pressing and interesting questions and, of course, the answers.

Popular question for male gynecologists: What do you look for in a woman?

Off the clock, personality and intelligence. On the clock, cancer.

Gynecologists, have you ever had a situation where you delivered a baby that was very obviously not the father’s while he was in the room?

We had a light-skinned black baby born to 2 white parents. We were all like “uhhhh uhhh ummm.” Shooting glances at each other. Parents were super happy and didn’t say anything. We later met the baby’s granddad who was black.

Why does the gynecologist leave the room while you take your underwear off and put them back on?

To give you some privacy. The act of dressing and undressing in front of someone can feel more intimate and private than just having your genitalia exposed for a medical examination.

How does your job affect your personal life?

A urologist: It doesn’t really. I look at these things not because I want to, but because it’s my job.

What kind of expressions do you see on parent’s faces when you “spank” their newborns?

The idea of spanking was to stimulate the newborn to take their first breath. This is no longer considered necessary. Exposure to air soon after birth or the mere suction of fluid from the oral cavity serves a stimulus sufficient enough to trigger the first breath.

Can you get pregnant from water in the pool?

Of course not. More than that, there is no way to get infected from just being in the pool, using a dirty towel, or sitting near someone else’s dirty slippers.

Is it possible to lose your virginity because of a tampon?

Yes. Some women’s hymen is wider than others’. If it is wide, there is a chance that you’d lose your virginity because of a tampon, but the probability is small.

Is it possible to give birth at home using YouTube videos?

This is called unassisted childbirth and doctors think this is a really strange thing. There are people who are interested in this for some reason, they read something online, in manuals, and maybe they even gave birth successfully. But after that, they start encouraging everyone else to do the same. This is dangerous and completely unnecessary.

Is giving birth painful?

It is. Very. But first of all, it all depends on how you treat it. In the beginning of labor there are contractions that last about 10 seconds, every 10 minutes. So, you have a 10-second contraction and then you have 10 minutes to either keep calm and listen to Mozart or get all freaked out and scream, “Oh, boy! The suffering is going to start right NOW!” There is even a thing called childbirth with hypnosis. This is when women try to feel joy when they have contractions. This is actually quite rational because every contraction moves you closer to your baby. And women don’t die during childbirth because of the pain.

Do only women have menopause?

Men sometimes can even have some of the signs. But on the physiological level, only women have menopause, but men can go through the psychological transition. Women lose their reproductive function. This can be noticed by their skin condition and how they feel. Of course, women do need medical attention during this period.

Why should we go to a gynecologist if we feel okay?

The cervix doesn’t have any pain receptors, so only a doctor’s examination can help you find out if there is something on it. One other thing: female cancer is very fast and very violent. For example, ovarian cancer can kill within a period from 3 months to one year.

What would you ask a gynecologist?

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