11 Male Celebrities Who Are Not Too Shy to Share Their Beauty Secrets

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Lately, researchers have found that more and more men are open to breaking stereotypes by using various beauty and skincare products. This is contrary to what we traditionally experience, where women dominate the world of cosmetics. Even famous men are meticulous about their self-care routine and are not shy about sharing these with all of us.

1. George Clooney hits the sauna regularly.

Martin Harris / Capital Pictures / East News

The notorious former bachelor has simple joys in pampering himself by going to the spa for some steam time. Plus, he swears by keeping his skin hydrated with just a good bar of soap.

2. Kevin Hart has an extensive skincare routine.

Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News

The actor and comedian holds his ultra-extensive skincare ritual in high regard. He uses a luxury facial scrub, cleans his face with a hot towel, replenishes with an expensive moisturizer, and tops it all off with a sealant.

3. Pharrell basks in cold water.

CJ Rivera / Everett Collection / East News

The singer might look like he’s aging backward, and it’s all thanks to his dedication to his skin. “I started taking care of my skin a little over 20 years ago,” he shared. His routine includes the typical cleanser, exfoliator, vitamin C drops, and a humidifying cream. But his secret? Washing them all off with cold water to keep his pores closed.

4. David Beckham moisturizes daily.

Aside from taking care of his physical well-being, David also invests a lot in his facial aesthetic. From an athletic regime, he switches to a simple yet meticulous routine—he moisturizes a dozen times daily and applies a gentle anti-aging cream to his wrinkles.

5. Chris Pine treats his acne with a medical cream.


Chris swears by one beauty secret, which he calls his “miracle medicine” that he uses on his face. He admitted to using Accutane because of his acne problems. Though it worked for the A-lister, it is not highly recommended for minor breakouts, and a dermatologist’s help is always necessary.

6. Zac Efron skips shampoo for a day.

Andy Kropa / Invision / AP / East News

Zac had his fair share of iconic hairstyles. From his time in High School Musical with that shaggy hairdo to his platinum blonde look, it’s surprising that there’s only one thing he does to keep his hair healthy and intact—skipping shampoo for a day.

7. John Stamos loves Greek yogurt.

It’s not just because of his Greek lineage that John swears by the powerful benefits of Greek yogurt. He gives it credit for his youthful glow. However, he also loves to put on sheet masks with collagen-boosting effects. He even calls them his “secret weapon.”

8. A$AP Rocky exfoliates every day.

Satomi Kokubun / Capital Pictures / Capital Pictures / East News

The rapper admits to using one particular beauty product to achieve his spotless face. He is fond of using witch hazel toner to cleanse and exfoliate his skin. Rocky also prefers to wash his hair once a week and to let his hair grow naturally.

9. BTS’s V uses toner pads on his face.

K-beauty has been establishing its reputation in skincare worldwide, and a member of the most popular Korean boyband hasn’t escaped its hype. BTS’s V has his share of beauty routines to keep his skin glowing. “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much,” he said in an interview.

10. Rob Lowe takes travel-sized beauty products wherever he goes.

The 58-year-old seems to retain his Brat Pack looks, as he still flaunts his charming face everywhere. His secret? He eats an all-protein breakfast and carries his essentials—his face wash and anti-aging and de-puffing under-eye serum—wherever he goes.

11. Ryan Reynolds steals Blake Lively’s moisturizers.

Even when the Canadian actor was named 2010’s and 2121’s sexiest man alive, he didn’t really dish any strict beauty regimen. Still, he confessed to using anything he could find from his wife Blake Lively’s dresser as long as it said “moisturizer.” However, we all can learn from this wisdom from Ryan, “I think it’s sexy to embrace [aging], rather than combat it.”

What do you think of men with extensive beauty routines? Which of these secrets have you tried?

Preview photo credit Andy Kropa / Invision / AP / East News, bts.bighitofficial / Instagram


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