11 Vacation Pedicure Ideas That Can Turn You Into the Queen of the Beach (Warning: You’ll Get an Urge to Spend All Your Money)

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3 years ago

Summer and vacation are 2 reasons to get the best manicure and pedicure. But almost every girl has a tough time choosing the perfect nail color and design! This article is here to offer a list of creative designs that are sure to turn the gears of your imagination!

Bright Side gathered a list of fantastic photos of some nail designs from Instagram.

11. White color to hightlight your tan

10. Summer treats

9. Not to worry about growing nails.

8. The ocean’s calling.

7. Fruit and berries

6. Beach style

5. Colorful mosaic

4. Summer fauna

3. Flower design

2. Minimalism

1. A great decision that suits everyone

Now it’s your turn to share your summer nails with us!

Preview photo credit panibratova/instagram


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