12 Amazon Products That Can Make Your Road Trip Smoother Than Butter

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Road trips give you complete freedom over your experience; you’re in your own environment, with your own people, and with way more liberty than other modes of transportation. This summer, road trips will be the most popular type of travel, and it’s a good idea to jazz up your car a little to make your trip more comfortable, especially if traveling with kids.

Here at Bright Side, we are big fans of traveling and experiencing new things. And today, we’ll make sure you head out on your next road trip with complete peace of mind. Let’s get straight to it.

1. A headrest mount to turn the back of a seat into a “television”

Buy this headrest mount from Amazon here.

Great rating

This headrest mount will allow you to easily watch your shows and movies from your tablet from the back seat of the car. It also gives easy access to your screen without covering it. It doesn’t hurt to keep the little ones busy in the car!

Happy buyer’s review: It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and is perfect for long road trips in the car. Great buy. — Jaclyn Ducharme

2. A ceiling cargo net for more storage space

Buy this ceiling cargo net from Amazon here.

Large capacity

This ceiling cargo allows you to pack more things during your travels, making it ideal for long road trips. It has a long zipper at the top that allows you to easily store items or take them out when needed.

Happy buyer’s review: My family and I recently did a road trip from NYC to Disney World in Florida. It was a long trip! We’ve learned a lot — especially with 3 little kids. We thought this would be good for our next trip since when you’re traveling with kids, you always need toys, snacks, paper towels, etc. easily at hand. Having them all right above us is great — the passenger can just reach up and grab whatever the kids need. Smart idea. — J. Warren

3. A car trash can to keep your interior squeaky clean

Buy this car trash can here.

Sturdy and durable

This leak-proof, portable bin will prevent you from throwing trash around the car. It comes in 2 different capacities (6.5 L and 10 L) and is 100% waterproof.

Happy buyer’s review: It’s been great so far. It sits quietly on the back of the passenger seat, collecting rubbish through the opening at the top. It looks smart enough too if you care about that sort of thing. Also, it’s well-made and should last ages. — nine

4. An inflatable mattress to turn your trunk space into a bed

Buy this inflatable mattress from Amazon here.

Soft material

This inflatable mattress will help you doze off in the car, making it ideal for long road trips. Of course, it can also be used while camping, on beach trips, or wherever else you desire.

Happy buyer’s review: This product and the mindset cushion worked great in our 2020 Nissan Pathfinder. In fact, it was so comfy that we joked about sleeping in the garage when we got back from vacation. It’s thin enough to keep us from kissing the roof, but thick enough to be comfortable. We just used our C battery air compressor instead of the one that came with it to make blowing it up easier. — Amy Murten

5. A seat gap filler that also gives you extra storage space

Buy this seat gap filler from Amazon here.

More versatile

This product will guarantee that you never misplace items in between the seat gaps of your car again, but it also allows you to store smaller items, like keys, coins, cans, wallets, and phones.

Happy buyer’s review: This is a really good product! I wasn’t expecting the 2 holders in the pack. It’s a really good and easy-to-use product that holds my personal and work phone! I have weirdly-shaped air vents, which makes finding a phone holder that clips on very difficult, but not with this holder! It clips securely onto the vents, and I’ve had no problems at all. I would highly recommend it! — Nicole crimmings

6. A repair kit to travel with peace of mind

Buy this car tire repair kit from Amazon here.


This easy-to-use repair kit will fix your flat tire in 15 minutes. It allows you to continue using your tire for up to 100 miles before having to visit a repair shop.

Happy buyer’s review: After successfully using the original one last week in an emergency temporary puncture repair that got me home after a severe gashed tire puncture, I decided to purchase the replacement canister. It was so easy to remove the old and input the new; you just slot it in and turn it, and it goes in so easily. It arrived in perfect condition, too. Hopefully, I won’t have to use this one. — Family on the coast

7. Blind spot mirrors for a more comfortable driving experience

Buy this blind spot mirror from Amazon here.

Universal fit

This little blind spot mirror prevents you from having to turn your neck all the time to see what’s there. It comes in a pack of 2 and the supplier offers a 1-year warranty.

Happy buyer’s review: These are really good quality convex mirrors and can easily stick on the existing mirrors with prefixed stickers. They really do give one an extra field of view, which is great where most mirrors in the UK are dead flat and, therefore, only show what is straight behind. These certainly add to safety, and the ability to see “all around” behind and to the side. Now that I have fitted them, my wife wants a set for her car! They are not expensive, but they really do make life much safer. Why car manufacturers do not use these as a standard is beyond me. Luckily, we have the choice to add them for not much money. — Jan Sapte

8. A stain remover stick that just works

Buy this stain remover from Amazon here.

Fresh scent

This stain remover works great on food and drink stains, so it’s ideal for those burger stains when eating on the road. Reviewers even claim that it removes old, dry stains!

Happy buyer’s review: This has been used so many times now, and each time I have been shocked by just how good it is. Food and drink spills, little marks from brushing against something grubby — all gone in an instant. I had a nosebleed, and drops hit my white shirt. The stick made the drops disappear completely. It even made an old, not fully washed-out blood stain on a T-shirt disappear. I keep one in my bag now, it’s THAT good. — chrissy

9. A car seat organizer with 9 pockets and a tablet holder

Buy this car seat organizer from Amazon here.

Extremely durable design

This car seat organizer is ideal for traveling with kids, as it can store all their toys, tablets, and other items that usually end up thrown all around the car. It’s also easy to install and works with all vehicles.

Happy buyer’s review: I purchased the pair for organizing books and my kids’ stuff in the car. I was able to organize everything for our granddaughter’s visit. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big they were as they covered the whole area of our backseats, and they offered additional protection from kicking feet! They also were well-made, so I don’t have to worry about them falling apart quickly, and the lifetime guarantee is definitely an added bonus! I am a satisfied customer and I would recommend this product for others to purchase as well. — JPN

10. Headrest hooks to neatly hang your things

Buy these headrest hooks from Amazon here.


These headrest hooks are ideal to hang your handbag or jacket on, and it’s also great to hang groceries on after shopping. It comes in 6 pieces, and you can easily adjust it to face the front or back.

Happy buyer’s review: Great little hooks to hang my bags, coats, cardigans, etc. I’ve only had them for about a week, but they are working perfectly. They’re easy to flip around; when I have someone in the passenger seat, I can easily flip them, so they’re facing the back. No complaints. — Sarah

11. A sun visor organizer that’s ideal for storing small items, such as cards, your phone, and even your charging cables

Buy this sun visor organizer from Amazon here.

High quality

This sun visor organizer is a great addition to your car if you are lacking in storage space, keeping your important items easily accessible whenever you need them. It includes 4 elastic pockets, 2 mesh pockets, and 2 zipped pockets.

Happy buyer’s review: I had a requirement for one of these in my Ford Taurus, as it’s an older model with no storage space. This allowed me to keep my pen, paper, hand sanitizer, and money, and I can keep my phone in the top zip pocket! And I still have space to stick stuff in there! No more having to sit perusing through my overfilled glove box! I would recommend this, as it’s roomy, well-made, and should last longer than the car! — two_girls

12. A travel carrier cage for your little buddy

Buy this travel carrier cage from Amazon here.

Amazon’s Choice

This cage is ideal if you’re traveling with your dog — they can even ride shotgun! It includes built-in straps to make installation a breeze, and reviewers are going crazy for this one.

Happy buyer’s review: Such a brilliant way to transport your pup in the car. We have a 4-month-old springer spaniel, and he fits perfectly. Didn’t want to put him in the back, so this seemed like a good alternative. The carrier just slots over the back and front seats, then you clip it onto his collar. Super easy to put together — you just slide the poles into it. He really loves it, and it stops the car from getting muddy. We also put a cushion on the bottom because it didn’t look very comfy for longer trips. — Emma

What’s the most exciting road trip you’ve ever been on?

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