12 Brave People Who Decided to Fight Their Insecurities

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Around 99% of people remember the first time they experienced insecurities and all the details about where and how it happened. Most of our insecurities develop from a very young age. But growing up with them doesn’t mean that they will mark our lives forever. Accepting our differences is the big step to overcoming our fears, and these people here show us that self-love always wins in the end.

1. “I’ve never loved my physical appearance but on my prom night I felt like a princess.”

2. “A childhood friend of mine got married yesterday. He is 5’2” and has embraced his height all these years."

3. “2019 vs 2021. Ever since I was very young, I’ve wanted to be an actress. 2 weeks ago, I decided to start pursuing my dream. I have my first paid role tomorrow.”

4. “Left pic 300 lbs, right pic 170 lbs! I feel much better!”

5. “The way my confidence has immensely grown after my acne has completely gone away.”

6. “I lost 60 lbs and I finally feel like myself again and have all my confidence back and such a sense of accomplishment!”

7. “Never would I have thought to have the confidence to wear this outfit, in public even!”

8. “I went to the beach and felt so comfortable in my skin. Being skinny doesn’t bother me anymore. The beach was one of my least favorite places due to my insecurities in the past.”

9. “My crooked teeth gave me such bad self-confidence issues, but I’m glad to say that I now have a smile that makes me happy.”

10. “Today I decided to post this bare face photo instead of using a filter and actually preferred how I looked without it.”

11. “This is my second attempt at wearing this shirt. The first time, I went back inside & changed. Today I felt a lot better in it. I’m proud of me & my slightly growing confidence.”

12. “My fiancé had his tooth fixed today, which gave him a boost in self-confidence. He can’t stop smiling now.”

Do you have any special characteristics or qualities about yourself that you love to embrace? Share with us and let’s spread self-love!

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