12 Fathers Who Should Get an Award for Reacting As Quickly As a Flash

Small children are clumsy and restless and it’s really difficult for parents to always keep an eye on them (especially if they take their babies out with them.) Some situations could have unfortunate consequences if it wasn’t for these dads’ immediate reactions.

Bright Side will show you 12 dads whose superpower is their incredible and quick ability to react. There’s also a bonus proving fathers are smart and inventive.

Shaun Cunningham became an internet star after he’d saved his son from a flying baseball bat.

He caught a ball while feeding his baby.

A dad who doesn’t panic

Another hero

Just one moment

This is a Van Damme level reaction.

Quick decision-making

Thanks to his dad, this boy is safe and sound.

This dad stops falling toilet paper from hitting his son.

“Happy Birthday, Dad!”

Awesome dad reflexes

She slid right into her dad’s hands.

Bonus: Ingenuity is simple.

Has your dad ever saved you from getting into an unpleasant or dangerous situation?

Preview photo credit Rob Biertempfel / twitter


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