12 Genius Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like Parent of the Year

Every mom and dad knows that parenting can be tough, and it sometimes takes a superpower to handle everything at once. Comforting a crying baby, cooking dinner, playing games with kids, and cleaning the house — it can all turn a parent’s day into a little disaster. Luckily, thanks to the internet, parents can share their own tricks that help them deal with their parenting chores easily and save a lot of time and energy for having fun with the kids.

Here at Bright Side we’ve prepared for you these life-saving parenting tips that, we hope, will help you solve everyday problems in the blink of an eye.

1. Use an empty box of wipes as a multifunctional container.

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that an empty box of wipes can fit so many things: diapers, baby clothes, a disposable table cover, anything you can think of. With the help of a headband, you can attach a pack of wet wipes right at the top of the cover, as shown in the pictures above. This is genius, isn’t it?

2. Use a simple phrase or a funny sticker to keep your kids safe while you’re unloading the trunk.

A famous American actress Kristen Bell uses a “Hands on the circle!” phrase to make sure her kids are safe when they jump out of the car. When the kids hear this simple phrase, they immediately put their hands on the “circle” (it’s really the gas cap). This trick keeps kids safe and away from traffic while she’s busy unloading the trunk.

Some companies even offer funny gas cap stickers with the images of hands on them. Kids are supposed to put their own hand right over the printed one and wait until their parents are ready. These stickers are meant to protect kids in driveways and parking lots where they could be accidentally hit by cars.

3. Make a “frozen” pacifier to soothe your teething baby.

Every mother knows the stress of having a teething child. If nothing helps, pour some water into your kid’s pacifier and freeze it for a couple of hours. The cold from the pacifier will have a soothing effect on the baby’s teeth and gums. Make sure the pacifier doesn’t have a hole in the end so that your baby doesn’t drink the cold water.

4. Add a sticker to your kid’s medicine bottle to never miss a dose.

With all the things a busy mom has to do, it’s so easy to forget when you need to give your kid the next dose of their medication. A simple sticker with a timetable of doses can be a sanity saver, and you’ll be assured your kid gets all their medication, right on time.

5. Use carton cup holder to keep your kid’s paint colors neat.

A cup holder can perfectly fit a couple of cups with water, brushes, and a set of watercolors. No more stains on your table cloth!

6. Use a baby bottle nipple and a needle-free syringe to give your kid medicine.

If your child refuses to take their medicine and spits it all out, try this simple trick. Measure the necessary amount of medicine with a needle-free syringe and insert it into a baby bottle nipple. If you give your child the medicine through the nipple, they will most likely take it with no objections.

7. Use imaginary bank accounts to teach your child how to manage their screen time.

This wonder bank uses “time” instead of actual money. When your kid gets good grades, spends some time outdoors playing sports, or does their household chores, they get screen time which can be saved for later or spent right away. Don’t forget that “screen time” is better spent watching educational movies or playing educational video games.

8. Use empty egg cartons to stir your kid’s imagination.

Encourage your child to collect pieces of nature and organize them in empty egg cartons. Separate cartons can be used for different collections: fallen leaves, rocks, feathers, flowers, and so on. It is also an easy and enjoyable way to teach your child how to classify objects according to their colors, forms, and sizes.

9. Teach your child basic math with the help of simple crafts.

Basic addition and subtraction equations can be fun if you inject some creativity. Make paper chains with links of different colors together with your child, encouraging them to add or subtract links of certain colors.

10. Use old hangers for displaying your kid’s artwork.

Who knew skirt hangers could be so multi-functional? Place one on the wall and display your kid’s artwork. The main advantage of this improvised picture frame is that you can change the pictures in seconds.

11. Make a “toy jail” until your kid does all their household chores.

What could be worse than your kid’s little toys scattered all over the house? Pick up the toys and keep them in “jail” until your child does all their homework or household chores. This simple solution will teach your kid to put toys where they belong.

12. Make a DIY sandbox from old pallets, and forget about having sand scattered all over the yard.

Use old wooden pallets to make a nice sandbox with benches on the sides that easily turn into a cover. This simple but genius construction will help you keep the sand inside the box and protect it from the rain.

Which of these tips would you try with your own kids? Do you know any other parenting hacks that moms and dads would appreciate? Feel free to share your thoughts and hacks in the comments!

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