Reddit Users Recreated 12 Famous Outfits and Some of Them Could Outshine the Originals

2 years ago

When we watch movies or fashion shows we often get charmed by the outfits we see there and start thinking to ourselves: “I wish I had a dress like that!” For the heroes of our article, having an iconic gown in their wardrobes is not a problem at all. They are so creative and talented, that they can draft and sew any outfit they want.

We at Bright Side selected 12 self-made sewing projects whose creators were inspired by the famous movies and runway gowns to masterfully recreate the iconic looks.

1. “I made a corset inspired by the famous Chanel chain dress.”

The original Chanel dress:

2. “I made myself an Anne Boleyn costume for Halloween!”

The original dress from The Other Boleyn Girl:

3. “A dress inspired by the Black Swan movie I made!”

The original dress from Black Swan:

4. “I made the dressing gown that Bilbo wears in the first Hobbit movie.”

The original gown from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:

5. “My latest make: a gown inspired by Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies (self-drafted)”

6. “The Marilyn Monroe dress finished just in time for the party!”

The original dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

7. “I completed my Belle gown!”

The original dress from Beauty and the Beast:

8. “I made a 1910’s inspired dress for the Downton Abbey movie premiere!”

The dresses they wear in Downton Abbey:

9. “This dress took me 2 weeks to complete.”

The original dress from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

10. “I made my dress for my Ursula costume!”

The original dress from The Little Mermaid:

11. “I made my very own Pocahontas costume for a fancy dress party.”

The original dress from Pocahontas:

12. “Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit. I made the dress.”

Whose self-made gown resembles the original the most, in your opinion? Can you sew?

Preview photo credit East News, keyhazel/Reddit


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