12 Makeup Tips That Can Make Your Life Much Easier

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3 years ago

There is no need to spend a lot of money and hours in front of the mirror to look awesome. Sometimes several small tips can help save time and help you earn the reputation of a makeup guru.

Bright Side collected the secrets of professionals and amateurs for you that will definitely make your life easier.

12. Get the effect of a gel eyeliner from an eye pencil.

In order to get perfectly straight and thin lines from a classical eye pencil, you can melt the tip of the pencil with the help of a match or a lighter. This trick will help you get the texture of a gel and will be perfect in situations where there is no liquid eyeliner nearby.

11. Budget body bronzer

It's easy to get shimmery skin like the the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show have. There is no need to use expensive oils and body shimmers. If you have golden eyeshadows that you don't need anymore or a broken but favorite bronzer, give them the second life by mixing them with a baby oil spray.

10. Face powder in between mascara layers for volume

You can easily get extra eyelash volume with the help of your face powder. After applying the first layer of mascara, apply a thin layer of face powder to your lashes with the help of a brush or a Q-tip. After that, apply the second layer of mascara.

9. Curl lashes and apply eyeliner at the same time.

If you use an eyelash curler, you can save a huge amount of time during your morning beauty ritual by following the recommendation of British makeup artist Wayne Goss. Simply draw a line across the upper curve of the tool with an eye pencil or liner - it will apply the liner to the roots of your lashes when you curl them.

8. Make your eyes visually bigger.

Smokey eye makeup can visually enlarge your eyes. By simply following the steps shown in the photo, you can get perfect evening makeup without using that many tools. Besides applying shadow and using eyeliner always remember to highlight the underbrow area to get the desired effect.

7. Create the illusion of thick brows.

To create the illusion of thick brows you can use a secret trick that makeup artists swear by. When filling in your brows with a gel or eyebrow wax, press the hairs to the skin right after applying the wax, before it gets dry. Painted hairs will leave prints on the skin and create a natural extra volume.

6. Eyedrops for pimples and skin redness

Simple eyedrops can help you get rid of a pimple that appeared at a very unexpected moment. This SOS remedy helps to reduce redness caused by skin inflammation by narrowing capillaries exactly the same way it helps to reduce redness in eyes.

5. Enlarge lips with the help of face sculpting powders.

Face sculpting powders and a thin brush can make your lips visually plump. This is the secret trick that celebrities often use on the red carpet. You can add extra volume by creating a shadow under the lower lip and a highlight above the upper lip. Create a very thin line leaving a 2-3 mm margin, the way it's shown in the picture, then add a highlighter to contour the upper lip for a plumping effect.

4. Brighten up your look with the help of a highlighter.

If you keep finding you look tired in the morning, this simple trick will help you solve the issue. Besides just applying a highlighter under the brows, use white eyeshadow and extend its usage to the inner corner of your eyes and the center of your eyelids, the way it's shown in the picture. It will help to visually lift up your morning eyes.

3. Transparent face powder beneath skin foundation

This nonstandard trick will help your makeup stay on longer and make the layer of your foundation more dense without it looking like a mask. This method is often used for brides' makeup at their weddings because that's real test for face foundation.

2. The perfect winged eyeliner with the help of a wet wipe

If you're still struggling with drawing that dreadful cat eye eyeliner, then this trick is especially for you. Do your eyes before applying foundation to your face and it will be easy to get the ideal "wing" with the help of a simple wet wipe.

1. Cleanse makeup sponges in one minute.

You can clean almost any makeup sponge in one minute without any extra effort. Simply place it in a bowl with any soapy liquid and microwave it for one minute. The magic of microwaves will clean it and all you'll have to do afterward is rinse the sponge with water.

How much time do you usually spend putting on makeup? Do you use any tricks that work? Please share them in the comments!

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