12 New Movies That’ll Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat Until the End

4 years ago

You will probably agree with the idea that if a film doesn’t have a good story, it just can’t be good, let alone great. Nothing will help — not a great budget, and not even great acting. And if you don’t want to waste your time on another useless film, then this is the compilation for you.

This time, Bright Side is going to tell you about the films that have a deep story that will grasp your attention right from the opening scenes. Be careful: while you’re watching, you might forget about everything else.

Boy Erased, 2018

This American drama, by Joel Edgerton, was critically acclaimed and was nominated for many different awards.

This film is set in a small town where most people are pretty conservative and religious. The story is centered around Jared, the son of an authoritarian Baptist man. Jared is a good student and an athlete. Once, as a teenager he makes a confession that almost instantly erases all the good things about him for other people and he becomes an outcast. His worried father sends him to a private camp where he will have to make a difficult choice.

Masquerade Hotel, 2019

In Tokyo, 3 murders happen one by one. There is no connection between the victims, aside from one thing: every victim had some notes with numbers on them. The police managed to figure out that they point to the location of the next crime. And the next crime is supposedly going to happen in a luxury hotel. Detective Nitta, who is on this case, pretends to be a desk clerk at this hotel. He is not only supposed to greet guests like an experienced clerk, but also find out who the serial killer is.

The Professor, 2018

This is the story of a man that realized that he can be honest with himself and the world.

Richard is a bored university professor whose ordinary life suddenly takes a turn, after a doctor visit. His boring world ceased to exist when he found out that he had only 6 months left to live and he realized that he was finally free to do what he wouldn’t have done before.

Teen Spirit, 2018

Teen Spirit is a British-American musical drama where Elle Fanning plays the main character.

The story is centered around a shy schoolgirl named Violet, who dreams of leaving her hometown and becoming a famous singer. She is a good student, she helps her mother, and sometimes in the evenings, she performs at a local bar where almost nobody notices her. But one night, a visitor that will change her entire life appears in the hall.

An Officer and a Spy, 2019

An Officer and a Spy is a detective drama by Roman Polanski. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival and a few other awards.

The story is centered around captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was wrongfully convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment. His ex-mentor Georges Picquart decides to start his own investigation. And the further the investigation goes, the more he realizes that Dreyfus is innocent.

Seberg, 2019

Despite the powerful story and the great picture, this British-American thriller got a fairly low rating and mixed reviews. This is one of the movies that you either like right away or you don’t.

The film is set at the end of the 60s. Talented actress and a New Wave icon Jean Seberg returns to Los Angeles where she quickly becomes a Hollywood star. She is offered a lot of different roles and reporters keep following her. But then, she gets into a love story that might destroy not only her career, but her entire life.

Don’t Let Go, 2019

Detective Jack Radcliff loves his job. Once, he gets a scary alarming call from his niece Ashley and he rushes to help her. But he comes too late: the girl and her family are killed. Jack starts to investigate the case and then he gets another call from Ashley.

Mr. Jones, 2019

  • Country — Poland, Great Britain, Ukraine
  • Genre — thriller, drama, biography
  • IMDb rating — 6.9

This historical drama was nominated for the Golden Bear award at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

This film is based on the true story of Gareth Jones, a young journalist from Wales. He witnessed the terrible repression and violations of human rights in a different country and he decided to write an article about it. And he instantly gets on the radar of special services.

Witness, 2019

Attorney Soon Ho got a difficult case — he has to protect a housekeeper who is accused of killing the house owner. The woman says that he committed suicide and the only person that can confirm or refute her statement is an autistic girl named Ji-woo. The attorney has to do a really good job to find a way to approach the girl and find out what really happened.

The Translators, 2019

A group of translators gets a very good offer — in a very short time and for really good money, they have to translate the sequel to a bestselling book. But in order to avoid leaking information, they have to do it in an isolated bunker. When someone still ends up leaking 10 pages of the secret text, the dream job turns into a nightmare for everyone that agreed to do it.

Come to Daddy, 2019

Naive and a bit strange, Norval Greenwood gets a letter from his father who abandoned him and his mother 30 years ago. He immediately collects his stuff and goes to meet his father. When he arrives at a remote cabin on the sea coast, he realizes that his father is not very happy to see him. He gets drunk, he criticizes his son, and just generally acts terribly. But when Norval tries to go back home, something really unexpected happens.

All the Bright Places, 2020

The main characters are a popular high school student and an outsider from her class. The popular girl is tortured from guilt over the death of her sister and the guy is obsessed with his own death. One day, they both appear on a school bell tower wanting to commit suicide and this unexpected encounter unites them. Theodore helps Violet accept her loss and he forgets about his own problems. And this leads to a tragedy.

Which of the most recent films that you’ve seen do you remember well and why?

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you guys should also write kn which app they are available like Netflix or prime vedio


Does the country mean that these movies are only available in those countries?


All the bright places looks like a movie to watch when feeling in the mood to think more than usual ?


I watched Boy erased! Pretty good one. I felt kind of sad after seeing it, but it was great!


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