12 People Shared Their Most Embarrassing Moments

3 weeks ago

We all have those moments we’d rather forget—those cringeworthy incidents that leave us blushing for days. But sometimes, sharing these embarrassing tales can bring a smile or even a hearty laugh to someone else. In this article, 12 brave people open up about their most mortifying experiences. Dive in and prepare to feel a little better about your own most awkward moments.

  • I was on my first date ever. We were at her house watching a movie, and I was very nervous. Suddenly I felt my stomach started to hurt. I couldn't go to the bathroom because it was next to her room, so I just tried to hold it in.
    Anyway, halfway into the movie my guts were like "Okay, this is enough". Girl acted like she was cool with it, but never messaged me again. Thomsonvdv / Reddit
  • My first day at my internship in a big company, my boss came in my cubicle to say hello, and then (very nicely, but still) informed me that I had dropped a tampon under my chair. bleerg / Reddit
  • My son was three, and we were in the grocery store. I was pushing him in the cart, when he sees a lady with a black eye patch. Of course, the next words out his mouth are "Look mommy, a pirate! Arrrrrrrr!", as he made a hook with his index finger. The lady was not amused, but another woman walking the opposite direction thought it was hilarious and busted out laughing.
    My boy was pretty proud of himself for finding a "pirate". Tbuuntat / Reddit
  • I crashed a company vehicle into a parked car. The next day, when I got into work, my co-workers had decorated my desk for me. Jestersimon / Reddit
  • At the water park when my period decided to make its appearance. Didn’t realize until I stepped out of a wave pool and heard a little kid scream, “Mommy, there’s red stuff in the water!” Looked back to see a very obvious trail leading directly to me. The pool had been shut down, a mass of children lingered near the edge, many complaining loudly. socksandpoptarts / Reddit
  • I am a secretary. I tripped in a darkened conference room where the people I support were doing a presentation. I fell into the vice president’s lap. He said, “OOF!” really loudly, and everybody turned around. turtlegirl42 / Reddi
  • I’m currently pregnant with a noticeable belly. I was walking with my 4-year-old, and an older man with a huge belly walked past us. My son points and exclaims rather loudly, “Look mama, that man has a baby in his belly too!” loubric / Reddit
  • I was working the front desk of a hotel. The new manager was due to show up. The owner brought him in, introduced him to me, and as soon as I reached over to shake his hand, the button on my blouse just popped right open. It went okay. We have 3 kids now. innosins / Reddit
  • While sitting at my desk I tend to cross my feet in a weird, one foot over the other way. Once, someone came over to speak to me at my cubical and as I was rotating my chair to look at them, I forgot to uncross my feet and tripped over myself, falling face first to the ground. So yeah, I tripped on my own two feet while sitting down. shazman / Reddit
  • My daughter (three years old) was sitting in a buggy at the grocery store when she saw an old lady behind us. Said, “Look dad, it’s a grumpy old troll!” Something she picked up from cartoons. The lady was not amused... Though to be fair, she did look exceptionally grumpy. Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was being introduced to someone, but not really paying much attention. As the man introduced himself, he said, “My name is Ted, pleasure to meet you.” I responded simply with, “Thank you.” Got very awkward as I continued being distracted, never really cleared it up. thatsyerthweetthpot / Reddit
  • Seventh grade. Science class. I’m at the point where my eyesight is going bad, but I don’t realize it yet. I’m sitting near the back of the class, squinting at the board. It takes me a few minutes to read everything, seeing as I have to figure it out one word at a time.
    One girl, out of the blue, turns around and announces to the (currently very quiet) class that, “I know that you like me, but could you like, not stare? It’s kinda creepy.” The entire class turns to look at me. I’m so surprised and intimidated that I can’t find the words to explain that I was looking at the board and instead just sit there and blush. matt_512 / Reddit

Some of the most embarrassing moments are caught on camera. You never know what happens when parents leave and the babysitter is in charge. It's a mix of curiosity and a bit of worry. But with today's surveillance technology, some parents have discovered the truth.

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