13 Products That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Life a Lot Easier and Stress-Free

9 months ago

Gadgets of all sorts have taken the world by storm, and it seems that their popularity won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Maybe it’s because they help us multitask and give a more pleasant note in everyday activities. And while there are conventional solutions for everything, sometimes a new and cool item blow our minds. This is the direction we wanted to take with this article and picked up a few items we think you might like.

1. An ice cream ball maker that will make the whole process feel like a game. You just add your ingredients inside and toss the ball gently for 30 minutes. It can fit up to 16 oz, and it is 100% manual, with no electricity needed.

Its polycarbonate material makes it very durable and it seals safely. It is ideal for kids, since they can make their own ice cream while enjoying the process. Make sure not to toss it on the floor or bounce it, since the lid might open.

Promising review: This was super fun to make! It was pretty hard to get the ice cream out of the ball. Probably should have opened it halfway and scrapped it away from the sides. Oh well, next time! I’m sure it will be well-used. I used half-and-half, vanilla extract, brown sugar, and Nutella. It was delicious! The ball itself was fun to roll and shake for 30 minutes and super easy to clean. @Janet Upton

2. A lightweight collapsible stool that can be carried anywhere. It can hold up to 400 lbs and even has a strap, so you can carry it around easier. It weighs only 2.5 lbs and can be taken along for camping, fishing and hiking.

You need to rotate the stool in a counterclockwise/clockwise course to open and close it in seconds. It can accommodate people of all ages, since it ranges from 2.5 inches to 18 inches in height. The folding seat is very safe and is even made with anti-slip material.

Promising review: This is coming camping with me! I have a carrier on the top of my SUV and it holds my camping equipment. I need a little boost to get up there and this will do it. It’s 18 inches high and closed up 2 1/2 inches. It’ll barely take any room. I’ll probably keep it in my car for a back-up seat.
I’ve found myself in situations where there’s not enough seating for everyone and this will keep my or anyone off the ground. The stool holds up to 400 lbs. It’s so easy to extend. There are holes on the top and bottom. You put your fingers in and twist and open to the length you need and then another twist to lock it into place. @Claudine

3. A portable personal blender you can prepare from smoothies and shakes with. It is wireless and rechargeable through USB. It can fit up to 14 oz. and you can blend the ingredients while on the go. It can even crush ice, not just fruit and protein powder.

You can wash the plastic parts of the blender separately and even place them in the dishwasher. It’s perfectly fine to use the blender while it’s charging. Its strong motor promises to crush every ingredient you add in it and keep working without charging for a long time.

Promising review: I was interested in a portable blender for a while but didn’t know which one to go with. I gave PopBabies a try, and I’m pretty pleased. It’s perfect for me because I work a 9-5, and when I don’t have time to pull out my at-home blender, I use this one, and it’s perfect!
I press the button 2–3 times to make sure the fruit is blended. It’s pretty powerful when fully charged. This is an honest review. I would say give it a try if you’re on the fence! I’m eating a healthy breakfast because of this blender. @Sweetly Dreyah

4. Funky reusable ice packs that are perfect for lunch boxes and keeping food cool. They come is different designs, including unicorns, pineapples, and fish. They come in 4-packs, freeze very quickly, and keep food cool for up to 4 hours.

The ice packs are very small. At just 0.5’’ thickness, they can fit in any lunch bag or box. They are made of food grade plastic that doesn’t contain any BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, or vinyl. The company supports the cause Feed the Children, so every purchase means that they can keep donating more and more money to hungry families.

Promising review: How amazing are these T-Rex Bentgo Buddies?! Not only are they the perfect thickness for my son’s toddler hands to grab, but they also come in bright vibrant colors that he LOVES. Whenever we have “indoor picnics”, I pack our lunches in our Bentgo lunch boxes, mine in the Bentgo Fresh Lunch box and his in the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box. I’ll pack these Bentgo Buddies in the Lunch bags to keep our food nicely chilled. @Christine L.

5. A stand holder that can be mounted to most surfaces and hold not just your iPad but also your phone and other items. It comes in black and white colors and can be extended to a maximum of 30 inches.

It is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy solid cord, which means that it can hold your device safely. When holding a heavy tablet, you could try to loop the gooseneck into an “S” shape in order to provide more stability. It is advised not to over-tighten the base clamp too much in order to prevent it from breaking.

Promising review: I bought this so that I can mount an iPad to watch movies in my camper when it rains. It arrived quickly, which was good since I ordered it less than a week before a camping trip. It was easily attached to the wooden railing, and I was able to leave the case on the iPad. There is a hole in the side of the bracket, so I was able to plug in the iPad to charge while in use.
It took a bit of adjusting to get it to the angle I wanted, but once I did, it stayed put. I did not leave the mount up while in transit because I was not sure it would hold and did not want to damage anything. I was able to fold it fairly compactly and store it in the overhead cabinet. This mount was priced lower than many other comparable ones, but the quality seems good so far. @Margret Rodas

6. A chubby seal pillow with a resting angry face that will magnetize you with how adorable it is. There are 3 sizes you can choose from, and the filling is made of high-quality PP cotton. It is very soft to touch, and you can even sleep with it.

This makes a perfect gift, and it can be taken in every room of the house and even the car. The pillow arrives flat inside a vacuum-sealed package, so give it about 2 days to reach its fluffy appearance. It can help you relieve stress and tension.

Promising review: I am a grown adult, and yet I wanted this thing. I love the printing as it looks very realistic sitting on my bed. It makes a wonderful pillow as well. I bought a mini version to give to my granddaughter, so we had matching bed seals. I LOVE this and highly recommend you buy the big one. @Amazon Customer

7. A flat duck night light that is made of soft silicone and will make any room brighter. It is rechargeable and dimmable and will make both kids and adults happy. It is also water and drop resistant and 100% safe for kids to play around it.

You can knead it as much as you want, and it will always go back to its original shape. The soft yellow/orange LED light is tender for your eyes, and you can dim it based on your needs. It operates with batteries and even has a remote control through which you can change the lighting settings.

Promising review: I’m not normally an impulsive buyer of tchotchkes, but I had to have this guy. I don’t know why he makes me smile, but he does. Also, he’s really bright! Like way too bright for a nightlight, but he brings a smile to my face every time I see him laying there. @Not the cool mom

8. A sitting indoor planter that is 3.5 inches big and is ideal for succulents. It features a drainage hole at the bottom and only comes in being color. You can put any type of plant you want as long as it doesn’t get too big.

It is a perfect gift for those who love plants and will start a heartwarming conversation. There are two options: one is named Frankie, and the other Charlie, and you can choose to adopt either one or both of them. Every package comes with a personal adoption note and makes you feel very unique and special.

Promising review: Frankie did not disappoint! I love his little story and being able to add cute hair to him and switch it out! He is currently rocking a palm cut and loves his window seat. I recommend this for your plant-loving family and friends. My kids love him too! @S. R. Krump

9. A ceramic cat mug that comes with a cat paw spoon, coaster and tea diffuser. It can fit up to 12 oz. and you can choose from 4 different colors. The ceramic is very sturdy and the chain of the diffuser is stainless steel.

You can put both warm and cold drinks and the mug with make sure to maintain the temperature for quite a long time. You can place the mug both in the dishwasher and microwave. The company reassures you that if it comes with any faults, you can contact them and they replace your item.

Promising review: So I had to get this for my boyfriend because he got me a purple one. It was super cute and me and my boyfriend love tea a lot, so I decided to get him his cup and I needed it really fast, and it came in really fast, but the cup is super cute. It is blue. It comes with a little cat coaster, with a little fish teabag, and it came in with a little cat spoon and a cat cover. It is so cute and adorable. I absolutely love it. @MK

10. A portable handheld mini fan you can take anywhere with you. It is rechargeable through USB and can be operating for 14–21 hours straight. It also features a flashlight, and you can even leave it on a surface and let it do its thing.

The size is so perfect that you can carry it in your tiniest bag or even in your pocket. You can charge it on your laptop, a regular USB port, a power bank or even in your car. It turns to a 180o when used in the handheld mode and to a 270o when used on a desktop.

Promising review: I bought this for my vacation to California because they’re going through a heat wave, and it works great! I didn’t even know it had a flashlight? That’s so cool! It came a day early which is perfect. I was worried it wouldn’t come in time. I’m hoping it lasts a long time, the manual says to not overcharge it because the battery doesn’t have a charge memory, so it’ll mess up the factory calibration, so I’ll have to make sure I don’t leave it on the charger. @Abby Lynn

11. A Tide stain remover pen that is perfect from remover stains when they happen. It comes in a 3-pack so you can keep one in every purse. The pens are bleach free and their microfiber pads lift and absorb the stains so they don’t set it.

The pens can fit nicely into purses of all sizes, briefcases, car compartments and even in your pocket. It can remove a variety of stains, including tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup and more. It is advised to test on the hidden area prior to use as some fabrics may be susceptible to color change.

Promising review: Tide pens are perfect for the drip of sauce or splash of drink that hits your clothes. It may not lift the spot completely at the time but it definitely prevents it from setting in. I purchased the multipack and made them stocking stuffers. They are a hit. @kkjjss

12. A screen cleaner that features a spray on one side and a wiper on the other side. It is perfect for all screens, including TVs and laptops. Its microfiber cloth is perfectly safe to use and has a very strong cleaning ability.

The item cleans any screen without leaving behind any lint or residue. It’s non-toxic and safe to use since it doesn’t contain alcohol, ammonia, or any odor. You can also use it as a phone stand and watch your favorite videos hands-free.

Promising review: I knew before I got my first smartphone, I would obsess over fingerprints on the screen, and I was right. I’ve tried the cloths, meh, tried the wipes, less meh, but not great. Then I got the Click Clean and I couldn’t be happier. Works perfectly every time. I just wish I could get the cleaning solution in a refill rather than buy another device. But small issue there. @Brian S Gregory

13. Overnight teeth whitening pen that removes stains and makes teeth brighter. The pen can be used for 35 nights and its brush helps you apply the gel evenly and with control. The product aims to clean teeth stains in just 1 week.

Before applying the pen, brush and dry your teeth as per usual and then coat them with the gel. Go to bed and brush it off in the morning. The gel included hydrogen peroxide and is perfectly safe to use on sensitive teeth and gums. It is advised to not skip a day, since the results will be better if you apply every single night.

Promising review: I looked at many products before buying this one, and I have to say I’m very pleased that I chose this brand. After 2 days of using it, I’ve seen a difference on my teeth, and I’m definitely buying this again. @Samantha Zia

There are so many cool and massively useful gadgets for the kitchen and the entire home that we would need multiple articles to show them all to you.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.


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