12 Reasons Why Everybody Adores Adele

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Adele, in just 33 years on this planet, has already marked our souls and stolen our hearts with her groundbreaking talent and irresistible charm. Now, after getting a divorce, the icon is the most fulfilled and empowered she has ever been. She recently released her fourth studio album, which is her ’’most honest album’’ yet, and the multi-award winner’s stardom is now shining brighter than ever before.

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by people whose journey inspires and uplifts us. We will share with you the many reasons that make Adele a one-in-a-million star and human.

1. She gets starstruck just like the rest of us

Growing up as an only child, Adele confessed in an interview that music was the sibling she never had. Listening to Beyoncé’s music regularly in her room as a teenager led her to build a special bond with the artist and her art. So when Adele had the opportunity to have a conversation with her idol for the first time, she was flustered and nervous like any fan would be.

She even confessed to having had “a full-blown anxiety attack” and to “crying hysterically.” The situation sounds like what a die-hard Adele fan would go through if they met the icon for the first time. So knowing that she was in the same vulnerable state even as a celebrity, makes us feel closer to her.

2. She puts the safety of her fans first

In 2011, during a concert in Sydney, Australia, the actress was on stage performing her hit song ’’Rolling in the Deep’’ when she spotted someone in the crowd passing out. The star immediately stopped singing and yelled for paramedics to come to the rescue saying, “I’m so sorry but someone got hurt and I have to check they’re OK.” This proves how selfless she is, and how attentive she can be to her fans, even when she has all the spotlights on her.

3. She once helped a fan propose on stage

She doesn’t just sing about romance, she also contributes to making it happen in real-life. In 2021, during one of her concerts in Los Angeles, the singer helped a fan propose to his girlfriend on stage halfway through her show. Adele demanded that her audience remain quiet while the guy asked his long-time partner to marry him in front of thousands of people. Afterward, Adele sealed the happy moment with a love song that made this emotional scene even more perfect.

4. She’s super generous and loyal

No matter how far she goes up the ladder of stardom, it seems that Adele doesn’t forget her childhood friends. And while her massive personal fortune is constantly on the rise thanks to her successful career, it seems that the ’’Hello’’ singer is all for sharing her blessings with her loved ones and showering them with surprises. For instance, she had once treated 20 friends to a week-long getaway in Ibiza in a £2 million villa. She had also gifted her close childhood friend a lavish private yacht charter in Greece.

5. She’s never afraid of speaking her mind

In an industry where some brutal facts are sugar-coated and twisted, Adele says things as they are and never shies away from the truth. The singer opened up about her turbulent relationship with her late dad, who left her family as a child. The singer often shares the private sides of her life when she knows that they can help others relate and cope with their own problems as well. She even confessed to having suffered from a ’’quite bad postpartum depression’’ after the birth of her son in 2012.

6. She’s comfortable in her own skin at all times

Even though she has currently lost more than 100 pounds, Adele has been radiant and confident in any weight she was at. A few years ago, the then-curvy star said she was happy with her figure, adding that she’s always been fine with it. When it comes to the looks department, the superstar is all for embracing her natural attributes instead of hiding them away. She even posed for the cover of a magazine with no makeup and often shares natural photos of herself on her socials.

7. She is humble and always stays grounded

Even after becoming one of the biggest stars of her generation, nothing seems to change her modest attitude. In 2017, during her acceptance speech for winning the Grammy for Album of the Year, Adele dedicated most of her time on stage to praising Beyoncé who was also nominated in the same category. She called her music idol’s album ’’monumental.’’ She even went on to declare her “Artist of my life.”

8. She’s a hard worker

With millions of albums sold worldwide and numerous hits under her belt, Adele still never shows any signs of slowing down and doesn’t take her successes and star status for granted. With every album she makes, she aims to surpass herself and set even higher goals to reach. She confessed that her latest and fourth studio album, 30, was ’’bloody hard to make’’ and that she had to dig into her deepest emotions in order to create work that she is truly proud of.

9. She has an unparalleled sense of humor

Since she often sings about deep and serious subjects with her soulful emotive voice, it might come as a surprise that Adele is utterly hilarious in real life. This becomes quickly clear in her interviews, where she is never far from making a joke and spreading waves of laughter around her. She even once went in disguise on a TV show to prank her very own impersonators.

10. She stands up for causes she believes in

It seems that Adele’s big voice is also equated with a big heart. The platinum-selling songstress is known for contributing to numerous organizations and has also participated in an array of charity concerts such as Comic Relief and Pride London. She also uses her visibility to provide full support to urgent causes by asking her own fans to get involved and donate.

11. She’s living proof that women can do it all

After getting a divorce and being single for the first time in years, Adele found the power of renewal so liberating. The struggles and pain she felt during this time have made her an even stronger woman. And she transformed the raw emotions she went through into her most honest and inspiring album yet. Today, the star is as much fulfilled in her personal life as she is in her professional career. The mother of 9-year-old son, Angelo, has found love with her new boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul.

12. We know that she’s one of us

Most of us have shed a tear or 2 at some point while listening to an Adele song. As a matter of fact, we can all easily relate to her art, and this is what makes it so powerful and inspiring. This multi-award-winning songwriter has managed to transform her heartbreaks and struggles into lyrics and melodies so raw, pure, and real that they feed the deepest needs of our soul. When delivered by her impressive mezzo-soprano voice, her music becomes a universal language that speaks to all humankind.

What’s your favorite Adele song? Do you think that in order to succeed these days, artists must have a lovable and somewhat relatable personality in addition to their talent?

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