12 Restaurants That People Rush to, Just to Eat One Special Dish

3 years ago

There are restaurants where people are ready to wait for weeks for a reservation and travel hundreds of miles to get there. And when a dish looks attractive, clients get double the pleasure from their food and are ready to pay even more.

Based on the opinion of restaurant critics and our own experience, Bright Side would like to introduce you to the most sought-after dishes from legendary restaurants. As a bonus, we will show you a place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia where you can feast on culinary masterpieces.

A mushroom from the Japanese restaurant “Inua”

The Japanese restaurant Inua brews the Maitake mushroom for 5 days, then they smoke it on cherry kindling-wood, stew it in Miso, and serve it with Sakura petals canned in salt. The restaurant got 2 Michelin stars 2 years after its opening, thanks to their German-born chef Thomas Frebel.

Kombucha from the Spanish restaurant “Mugaritz”

A kombucha with flowers is one of the dishes that Spanish restaurant Mugaritz, which took the 7th place among the best restaurants in the world, surprises its visitors with. The dessert is offered as part of the menu that stirs up curiosity: in addition to kombucha, you can find a black banana with shrimp and oyster ice cream.

A taco from the Mexican restaurant “Frida”

The most expensive taco in the world consists of langoustine, Kobe beef, albino huso caviar, and Brie cheese with black truffles. This dish is offered by “Frida,” a restaurant located in the Mexican resort Grand Velas Los Cabos.

Chicken in soy sauce from Singapore

The cheapest restaurant with a Michelin star is called “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle.” It became famous for its signature chicken in soy sauce served with rice, which costs only $2.20. After getting the Michelin award, big lines, where one might spend over 2 hours waiting, appeared at the restaurant. But Chan, the owner, is not planning on increasing the prices on his dishes, saying “it’s not fair to raise them just because I won an award.”

A 72 oz steak from a restaurant in Texas

Texas restaurant offers its signature dish, a 72 oz steak, for free to those who can manage to eat the entire portion within one hour. The winner won’t have to pay the cost of the steak, which is $72.

A berry and beetroot dessert in the Spanish restaurant “Mugaritz”

In order to create these huge edible bubbles, made of berries and beetroot ripened on the sun, it took chef Andoni Luis Aduriz one year of experimenting.

The ’Gargouillou’ salad from the French restaurant “Bras”

The “Bras” restaurant, located in France, uses up to 60 ingredients for one dish: petals, vegetables, flowers, seeds — each of which is cooked separately. The components change depending on the season. For example, there can be fern, white borage, rocambole garlic, clover, cauliflower stalk, peas, tuberous chervil, nasturtium, phyteuma, pattypan squash, Welsh onion, endive, chickweed, pink radish, salsify, tomato, spring onion, Alpine fennel, and porcini mushrooms.

Desserts from “Mickey & Monkeys” restaurant in Saint-Petersburg

Giant overshakes are the business card of this restaurant, where it’s hard to find a free table at any time of the day. When planning to visit “Mickey & Monkeys” try to go really hungry in order to experience not only aesthetic but also gastronomic pleasure from their huge desserts that contain around 900 calories.

Coffee in carrots instead of cups in the Australian “Locals Corner”

This Australian restaurant likes to brew coffee and serve it in the most unusual cups. Apart from carrots, it’s also served in apples and avocadoes.

Salt baked onion with wild mushrooms from the Danish restaurant “AOC”

This modern Scandinavian cuisine is based on using local, seasonal products. Michelin-starred (2 stars) Copenhagen-based restaurant AOC offers its visitors salt-baked onion with wild mushrooms and vin jaune.

Tapioca with coconut and crayfish from the Brazilian restaurant “D.O.M.”

Alex Atala, the chef of “D.O.M.” restaurant that has 2 Michelin stars, created this unusual dish using crayfish, tapioca, and coconut. Alex is known for his fight to preserve the Amazon rainforest and defend the rights of indigenous peoples. The restaurant menu even includes an ingredient that is traditional for the Baniwa tribe — Amazonian ants.

Mussels from “Coi” restaurant in San Francisco

The 2-Michelin-starred restaurant “Coi” avoids the traditional way that most restaurants serve mussels. Mussel cannolis are cooked with bacon, parsley, garlic, and lemon.

Bonus: The famous restaurant “Cоcоcо” in Saint Petersburg, on New Holland Island.

Here is what their outstanding dessert called “My mother’s favorite flower” looks like.

What is the most unusual dish that you’ve ever tried?


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I am a vegeterian and I love veggie soups, I'd love to taste an onion soup in an onion :D


yes!! It looks yummy yes yes! and of course I love mushrooms! They are a great substance for meat. :)


looks very intriguing to me but at the same time I have a feeling it's nothing special. Bubbles won't have any taste and the rest are just berries ?


Very interesting looking, I'd love to try this Mickey Mouse dessert ?


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