12 Things That the Color of Our Clothes Says About Us

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4 years ago

Psychology has studied colors and found that some of them can help us highlight certain qualities of our personalities. Of course, there might not be universal rules for this since every culture understands colors differently, but the fact is that you can match your clothes in a way that could help you send a specific message in the everyday life. Those special outfits can send subtle but clear messages.

With this in mind, Bright Side made a list of some of the most popular colors that people wear and what their meaning is. Keep on reading if you want to find the perfect outfit for that special occasion that awaits you.

1. Blue — calm

The color blue has a calming effect. According to fashion consultants, it is recommended for job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. It is said that for this very reason, police officers traditionally wear blue uniforms.

2. Yellow — creativity

Psychologically, yellow is a powerful color. It is related to emotions, creativity, and high self-esteem. It is associated with excitement, stimulation, and happy moods.

3. Pink — innocence

In a darker shade, pink can inspire emotions associated with fun and excitement. While in a paler tone, it is more linked to relaxing and even a lack of energy. In the West, it has somehow been labeled as a feminine color that, in business-related situations, is recommended to be used in moderation. Some of the key messages it sends are innocence, love, dedication, and generosity.

4. White — purity

In Western culture, white is considered the color of perfection. It is associated with light, freshness, cleanliness, calm, purity, goodness, and innocence. It is said to have a positive connotation.

5. Green — freshness

Green is a color that is easily associated with nature and is also considered an emotionally soothing color. It imparts a feeling of freshness, harmony, and balance.

6. Red — vitality and passion

As for the color red, it is not just associated with passion, strength, vitality, and love, but also with danger, aggressiveness, and hate. In clothing, it gives the feeling of extroversion, power, and vitality.

7. Fuchsia — fun

Fuchsia is a bold color that expresses energy, vitality, and fun. It is considered a daring color that is also linked to the artistic world. As a general recommendation, it can be used in activities that require energy, like aerobic and strength exercises at the gym.

8. Purple — sophistication

Purple has been considered the color of royalty — it connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. For a long time, it was a difficult color to obtain, which is why it was used in clothing for individuals with privilege.

9. Orange — independence

The nature of the color orange is related to independence, self-motivation, and organization. It can also suggest strong willpower and competitiveness.

10. Brown — stability

A color that can be found so easily in nature communicates credibility and stability. It is also an excellent color for communicating new or difficult information, as it is said to create a neutral atmosphere for discussions.

11. Grey — neutrality

The color grey symbolizes neutrality and sophistication. It is the second most popular color for attending interviews (the first is blue). It signals authority in a less oppressive way than black.

12. Black — elegance

Black is appreciated by both designers and young people. This dark color is associated with consistency and elegance. It indicates power, but could also transmit a sense of violence or closure. It is recommended to keep both aspects of the color in mind when going on a job interview to make sure we relay the right message.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite colors say about you when you wear them? Do you know anyone with a particular taste for any of the colors we mentioned? Do they transmit that message when they wear them? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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The colors may represent one trait or another, but the person wearing those colors might not even be close to having that trait. Most people wear a certain color because they like that color, and/or it looks good on them, not because of what that color represents.

A good example of that is white for purity. Most brides aren't pure when they walk down that aisle in that long white dress.


I like it how the bright side team has made it a motive to only assign good qualities to all colours . Thats how you make everyone happy .


I disagree with this article, because I wear some clothes because I just want too, not because I am "calm" or whatever


I really like red color in clothes, but I don't dare wearing those so often


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