12 Trendy Small Dog Breeds That People Rush to Buy, but Then Give Up On Quickly

3 years ago

It’s always necessary to consider all the pros and cons before getting a dog. Because despite their cute appearance and small size, some of them can come with some big difficulties. That’s why it’s better to find out about them in advance so you can understand whether you are ready to deal with them or not.

We at Bright Side want to honestly tell you what issues you might encounter if you decide to get a little cute doggy. Perhaps it will help you make a properly-researched decision, as well as help a dog end up with a truly responsible owner.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds that are comfortable to have in an apartment. They are very playful and mesmerizing to those around them at first glance.

But, unfortunately, this breed has some disadvantages. Yorkshire Terriers are prone to stress, have a tendency to be hypoglycemic, and have fragile bones. Moreover, the fact that their fur is somewhat similar to human hair means that the dog requires frequent bathing and haircuts. Puppies of this breed require even closer care because they can harm their paws when jumping from high furniture.

  • The main distinctive feature of these dogs is their fur. It is smooth, silky, and looks like human hair by the structure. Also, it doesn’t have an undercoat. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that it’s hypoallergenic and almost doesn’t shed. The minus is that it becomes greasy very quickly, and it requires constant brushing and washing with special shampoos. © AsiyaHot / Irecommend.ru

Shih Tzu

This little doggy looks like a toy and it’s not necessary to walk it every day. They are very clean and can be easily trained to use a litterbox. They are cute, sweet, and lovable pets. They get along well with other breeds and are good for families with kids.

But Shih Tzu get used to people very quickly and they can’t stand loneliness, which can be a big disadvantage for those who are occupied in the office from morning until evening every day. Moreover, you should think ahead about how you are going to walk a dog with white fur during rainy seasons. Will you want to wash not only the dog’s paws but also the whole dog every time you come home? Additionally, you’ll have to cut the fur of this breed frequently so that it looks neat.

  • We had some issues with our dog’s fur. Dreads were always there. We tried to comb them out in the winter regularly, but in the spring, when the weather was warmer, we would take the dog to the groomer. © designrooms / Irecommend.ru

Russian Toy

The Russian Toy is quite an energetic dog who likes to walk, run, and jump. And these dogs are perfectly trainable.

But despite their smartness, they are quite worrisome. They can be scared of everything around them for no reason and inform the owners of this by barking loudly.

  • The dog barks at every single sound behind the front door. Moreover, if someone enters our home and stretches their hand out toward the dog, it hides under the sofa and starts to bark at them non-stop. © Alice_Litlay / Irecommend.ru

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed can be called a friend. Though they are independent in character, still they love the warmth and care of their owners a lot. Also, they are perfect at communicating with kids. They like to get on the bed of their owners and sleep next to them.

This breed doesn’t like to stay alone for a long time and when they feel bored, they might start playing with and ruining the things around them.

  • Once, in the morning, I was unable to find my bra. I searched everywhere but the bra was still missing. At some moment, we saw our dog walking into the room like a queen with my bra put on her head like a hat. © Chamber #6 / VK.com

You should also take into account that Jack Russell Terriers shed all year round, which makes them like little fur generators. So, if you don’t want to clean up your house every single day, you may want to opt for a different breed.


Papillons get along well with other dogs and cats and like to get others involved in their games. These little guys belong to the category of long-livers, their lifespan is 13-16 years on average.

Don’t think that these dogs will be always there on your laps, in your arms, or in your bag — they like to be active, a lot.

This dog is not suitable for children who are still very young and actively exploring the world. All because they are unlikely to stay away from these cute fluffies who can easily be unintentionally traumatized by a baby.


Chihuahuas can be fluffy and smooth-haired. They are active, curious, and quick doggies. The dogs of this breed love their owners and are always ready to communicate with them.

One big drawback is that chihuahuas have fragile bones, which makes them easily injurable animals. Moreover, their fontanelle often doesn’t close, and this makes any fall of the dog potentially dangerous for their health.

Bichon Frise

This breed of decorative dogs comes from the Mediterranean region. They don’t fancy long walks. 30 minutes will be enough for an adult dog, while puppies will suffice with 15-20 minutes.

Their beautiful fur requires regular care, which means the future owner will have to get all the necessary tools and master trimming skills, or entrust their dog to professionals.

  • It’s enough to brush them 2 times a week to avoid the appearance of dreads. They also require regular cuts. My dog has her fur cut once every 3 weeks or once a month. Their fur is very soft and a trimmer can’t trim it properly that’s why it is cut by hand. © _piratka_ / Irecommend.ru

Brussels Griffon

Despite their serious face, griffons are quite friendly and open. Sometimes they are called dogs with a human face.

But just like many other little dogs, they feel quite worrisome about the big world surrounding them. Griffons are normally proud and sensitive which is why they can take a protective position if you tease them. Sadly, these dogs are prone to various eye problems, so owners should pay a lot of attention to that.

Prague Ratter

It’s very convenient to live with this dog because it is quiet, likes to be next to its owner, and does so very unobtrusively.

It’s better to not get this breed if you have hamsters, rats, or chinchillas at home because this breed was created especially for catching rodents. When seeing them, the ratter’s hunting instinct wakes up instantly. Sometimes they can even hunt for bigger animals.

  • A ratter can attack a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Their self-preservation instinct turns off if a “stranger” dog simply walks by or barks at the ratter’s owner. © FoxLegion / Pikabu

They are very prone to colds, so in the cold winter, you will have to wrap them up well.

Maltese dog

The main advantage of this breed is its gorgeous snow-white fur, which makes the dogs look like soft toys. They are very open and happy. These cuties are very demanding when it comes to nutrition because they are prone to food allergies.

  • I have a super cute Maltese. It is sweet, smart, well-behaved, and very picky about food. Their food has to be served warm, fresh, and contain meat. However, sometimes she becomes a basic dog and starts to dig in the trash, eat veggie leftovers, gnaw at used teabags, and carry all this stuff around the house. After having burped and smacked her lips, she gradually makes her way back to her princess incarnation. © Overheard / VK.com

The dog’s long fur requires everyday brushing with special combs. It’s necessary to regularly remove dreads as the dog will look unkempt without long and well-groomed fur.

French Bulldog

Flattened muzzle and bat ears are this breed’s business card. They are well-adapted for living in city apartments.

Unfortunately, these dogs are prone to quite serious diseases like problems with the spine, eyes, skin, and breathing. They don’t tolerate frost, heat, or other bad weather.

  • I have a cat and a French bulldog. The dog got potty trained pretty fast. But she doesn’t like rainy weather — she refuses to walk and goes back home. Once it was raining in the morning but she still needed to be walked to do her business. So we went outside. She stood under the roof at the entrance and refused to take a single step into the rain. I was standing next to her and waiting for her natural instinct to take over. At some point, my neighbor also left our building and the dog rushed inside. I ran after her, and she rushed into the apartment. I opened the front door, she rushed to the cat’s litterbox. Now if it’s rainy outside, my cat has to share his box. © Overheard / VK.com

They snore quite loudly, which means this breed is not meant for you if snoring annoys you.

Norwich Terrier

Though the Norwich Terrier looks like a soft toy, the good thing is that their fur won’t be all over your house.

  • This breed doesn’t shed fur. Their hair will fall out only if you don’t take good care of it. Just combing or brushing at home will suffice for this breed, They require regular trims (approximately 4 times a month). But my experience says that it’s better for owners to comb out the old fur themselves at home or outside at least once a month. © Andrey / Tvoidrug

They are very active and noisy, thanks to their breathing issues, and people who prefer quieter pets may consider this a disadvantage.

Do you have a fluffy 4-legged friend? What difficulties that you had not been aware of did you have to encounter when you got this pet?


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