12 “Twilight” Blunders We Missed Even After Watching the Saga Dozens of Times

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Twilight fans have probably seen the saga hundreds of times. The viewers fell in love with Edward and Bella and didn’t want to leave the fascinating world of vampires. But while we were charmed by this love story, we missed a whole bunch of blunders and plot holes that movie creators made. We looked a bit closer and noticed some logical errors in the famous franchise.

Bella’s heart rate is surprisingly stable, considering her condition.

After being attacked by James, Bella is in the hospital. She has lots of serious injuries, and Edward tells her that they need to break up and that she should go to her mother.

But if you look at the heart monitor, you will see a steady heart rate, as if Bella is resting perfectly.

Alice’s scarf changes its knots.

In the second film, there’s a scene where Alice runs up to Bella to congratulate her on her birthday. Alice is wearing a fabulous scarf. But, every time the camera shows Alice, the scarf is tied uniquely (and differently).

Vampires are supposed to have superpowers, but some Cullens don’t have any.

The talent a person gets when they are born becomes a hundred times more powerful when they turn into a vampire. For example, sensitive Edward starts reading people’s minds, and Alice’s instincts help her see the future. But some characters don’t seem to have any vampire talents, like Carlisle, Emmet, or Rosalie.

In fact, they do have certain powers. So, Carlisle became the first “vegetarian” among vampires. He is the only vampire that doesn’t react to the smell of human blood. Emmet has incredible physical power. And Rosalie is beautiful and has eyes the color of violets.

These things are highlighted in the books but aren’t mentioned in the movies.

Bella is reading a book she forgot in Edward’s car.

To find out who this Cullen is, Bella goes into a bookstore where she buys a book about the origin of werewolves and vampires. She puts it into her bag.

Later, Bella meets Edward, and they have dinner together. Then, he drives her to her father’s house. When she says goodbye to Edward, Bella is not carrying her bag, which means she has left it in the car. But then, the bag magically appears at her home, and she is shown reading the book.

The Cullens have such an acute reaction to blood that they would have been detected long ago.

Even though the Cullens are “vegetarians” in the vampire world, it’s hard for them to fight the craving from time to time. Remember the scene when Jasper couldn’t stop himself when Bella cut her finger on the paper?

With this weak “willpower,” their secret would have been revealed long ago. They live among people and in public places, so there would be too many temptations.

Bella is supposed to be close to her mom, but she almost doesn’t talk to her.

The story starts when Bella moves in with her father. They are awkward around each other and don’t know each other very well. Bella’s parents divorced a long time ago, and Bella lived with her mom all this time. Her mom didn’t date anyone, so they were supposed to be close.

But in the entire franchise, we only see a couple of phone calls. And they only meet on special occasions: when Bella is in the hospital or when she gets married. Nothing changes, even when Bella gets pregnant. At the same time, her dad was extremely worried about her. And when Bella became a vampire, she never saw her mom again.

Edward wears sunglasses, which are pretty useless for him.

As you know, the vampires in Twilight sparkle in the sunlight. So, to keep regular people from figuring out what they are, they try not to appear outside when it’s sunny. So, Edward has no reason to have sunglasses. Maybe, he just wants to look cool.

By the way, vampires regularly appear outside in daylight, but they don’t always sparkle. It seems that they sparkle only when the story requires it.

Another one of Bella’s books mysteriously disappears and reappears.

When the character wakes up at the beginning of the New Moon, she has a copy of Romeo and Juliet next to her. At that moment, Bella’s dad enters the room with a birthday gift. There was no time for Bella to put the book away, but it disappeared anyway. And in the next scene, it’s on the bed again.

Edward decided to leave Bella “honorably” when nothing special happened.

Edward put Bella in danger an incredible number of times. But for some reason, Jasper’s weakness when he attacked Bella made him feel it was necessary to break up with her. Jasper was pulled away by other family members, and he meant no harm.

But Edward left Bella when she was particularly attached to him. He could have left her way before if he wanted to be a good guy. For example, when Bella almost died after James’ attack.

Bella calls Rosalie without even dialing her number.

When Bella realizes she’s pregnant, she and Edward return home. On their way to the airport, she calls Rosalie. But when she turned on her phone, she didn’t dial the number or search for it in the phone book. She just puts the phone to her ear. You can even see the screen lock when they’re talking.

When Edward stops the car, saving Bella, she has enough time to fix her hair.

You probably remember the romantic scene where Edward rushes to Bella and saves her from the car that almost hits her. She was lying on the ground, shocked. In this condition, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything about her hair. But at first, we see it loose on top of her jacket, and then, it’s tucked into her clothes.

We don’t understand how Bella got pregnant by a vampire.

In the third film, Rosalie mentions that she wants to have a baby and that she’s sorry that she and Emmet can’t have kids. If it’s about the biological features of vampires, then how could Edward conceive a baby?

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the books, explains this moment by saying that vampires have fluid in their veins, similar to human blood. Their bodies still have some functions — for example, men can conceive.

At the same time, a female body can’t get pregnant because it can’t adapt to the growing fetus. The movies don’t have these explanations.

What other inconsistencies did you notice when watching the saga?


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the movies did protray the Strengths that Emmett, Alice & Jasper have. Emmett's with the baseball game, arm wrestling bella after she turned, Alice with her speed & being able to see future attacks , and Jaspers and read / sense people feelings & manipulate/ change their minds....


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