13 Awkward Situations Almost Every Girl Has Been In

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Dealing with beauty products is never easy. Some of us have had to urgently fix our makeup in the most uncomfortable situations (like public restrooms, for example.) Others didn’t know when to stop and they filled their dressing tables with all sorts of makeup and other stuff. And let’s not even mention when our makeup containers explode.

We at Bright Side think that the most important thing in these situations is to try and stay on the positive side and remember that you are great no matter what kind of makeup you have right now.

“How it looks on a model vs How it looks on me”

Makeup removal looks like:

This face mask cost $130

Sometimes, you have to fix your makeup in the most extreme situations.

“I asked my boyfriend to buy me some sunscreen and he brought a sun shirt with a hood.”

“My new palette”

A rabbit ate a cherry and looks amazing with red lips.

“Found in my friend’s daughter’s bathroom, she’s 13. May the force be with you, young one!”

Thanks to the service of online virtual makeup...

“Even my character in The Sims has a lot of skincare products. I guess I need some rest.”

Here’s a reminder to be mindful of where you put your SPF!

“My daughter found my palette.”

"My husband gave me a lot of face masks. A LOT of them. Is he trying to tell me something?

Have you ever been in such awkward situations?

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