13 Cleaning Tips for Those Who Are Tired of the Mess in Their House

5 years ago

It’s not possible to find such a person who is indifferent to messiness. We like when our home is clean, tidy, and cozy. However, this can only happen after a thorough cleaning. Sometimes it seems that we’ve become victims of a vicious cycle of messiness. But we’ve prepared a few little secrets for you that’ll help you to keep your environment tidy and in order.

At Bright Side, we appreciate cleanliness and coziness and we always look for simple solutions that will make our life comfortable and easy. We believe that these 13 tips will answer all your questions for how to keep your house perfectly clean.

1. Return your things to the places where they belong.

Make sure that you have a specific place for each object in your home. This way you won’t have to spend so much of your precious time looking for things. It will also help you to keep your things in order. Your home can’t be tidy if all your stuff is just scattered around your house.

2. Put plastic wrap on your kitchen cabinets.

Grease usually accumulates on all the surfaces of your kitchen. Your cabinets, shelves, and backsplash are specifically affected by it. If you cover the surfaces of your cabinets and shelves with plastic wrap, you can just replace the dirty wrap with a fresh piece and that way you won’t have to clean up grease on these surfaces.

3. Keep your cleaning products in one place.

A small plastic box or a bowl can be your perfect assistant during cleaning and you won’t have to walk between rooms to get your cleaning products. Just carry this box with you when you clean your house.

4. Clean your house during short breaks.

You can do your chores during small breaks between other, more important activities. For example, you come to your kitchen to make tea. During these 3-5 minutes of waiting, you can do some dishes or clean the floor in one of your rooms.

5. Use anti-static spray to fight dust.

If you spray an anti-static agent on screens and other surfaces of your electronic devices and home appliances and wipe them with a paper towel, they won’t get covered with dust for twice as long as usual.

6. Wait for 15 minutes after applying detergent to a dirty surface.

This rule is equally effective for tile, ceramic surfaces, and even plastic. It’s not a good idea to apply detergent to your toilet bowl or the tiles in your bathroom, for example, and then start scrubbing them immediately. Wait for 10-15 minutes before cleaning them. You’ll save a lot of effort and time. Meanwhile, you can do some other chores.

7. Schedule your chores for certain days of the week.

You can schedule your chores for certain days of the week. For example, you can do laundry on Monday, clean your bathroom on Tuesday, buy food on Wednesday, wash floors on Thursday, and dust and vacuum your home on Friday. This way, you won’t have to do everything at once and your weekends will be chore free.

8. Define your “edge.”

“Edge of messiness” defines the quantity of objects a person or a family can keep in order. Everyone has their own edge. For example, you can only keep a small number of objects under control. If this number becomes bigger, your home turns into a mess. If your “edge of messiness” is low, cut the number of objects in your home, and assign a certain place for each object.

9. Get rid of at least 20-30 objects every month.

Every family accumulates a lot of useless things every month. It can be packages, advertising leaflets, newspapers and magazines, small souvenirs, etc. That is why it is necessary to take a box, walk around your home with it, and put at least 20-30 objects, which you don’t use but still haven’t gotten rid of, in it. You should repeat this procedure once a month.

10. Each of your family members should have a container for their personal belongings.

Let each of your family members have their own convenient container where they can store their personal belongings like keys, a telephone, cards, etc. It will be easier for them to keep their things in order and to not waste time searching for them.

11. Get rid of old things by dividing them in groups.

You have to get rid of your old things from time to time. It’s easier to do this by dividing your belongings into groups. Each group will have their own day of week. This way, it won’t take much of your time and you won’t stop doing this chore half-way through.

You can start with your clothes. Divide them into small groups, like underwear, pants, dresses, jackets, etc. If you don’t have much time, spend about half an hour for each group daily. Always complete what you’ve started, then you’ll have much more free space in your house very soon.

12. Use a special box when returning things to their assigned places.

In order to spend less time and effort returning things from different rooms to their assigned places, take a box and put all these things in it during the cleaning process. When you finish cleaning, take this box and return all these things to their assigned places one by one.

13. Get rid of spontaneous islands of mess.

Some households can have spontaneous islands of mess where all family members keep their stuff. It can be a kitchen table, for example, where everyone might leave their things like medicines, books, children’s toys, etc. It’s important to get rid of these islands and assign certain places for each group of objects. For example, you can store your medicines in a special box, your books on a shelf, and toys in a drawer.

Which of these tips did you find useful? Will you try them at home?

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Oh my, the advice about the anti static spray is precious! I hate dust and always try to fight it, but it keep coming out of nowhere. It's my must try!


My mom loves sorting everything in boxes, she has a special box for anything at home. I found it a bit annoying at first, but then I realized it's actually really handy, I can always find anything I need as quick as possible :)


But will the plastic wrap on the kitchen cabinets look good? Seems a bit weird to me.. ?


Getting rid of old objects is a good tip! Not only they collect dust, but litter the space and the atmosphere at home.


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