13 Design Ideas to Smartly Organize a Tiny Bathroom

4 years ago

Small bathrooms can really be cozy and nice, you just have to buy the appropriate furniture and organize it in the right way. You’ll see that your tiny bathroom will turn into a big one with the help of a few tricks.

Bright Side shares some great design ideas to make your bathroom more spacious and even beautiful.

13. Light colors

Pieces of furniture in light colors make small rooms look bigger and the bathroom isn’t an exception to the rule. Click here to find out how right we are!

12. A storage shelf above the door

A shelf above the door is a great way to use your space wisely. You can try to make it with your own 2 hands — click here for inspiration. And visit this website to find out more interesting tricks.

11. Additional storage

You don’t have to buy an extra drawer, you can just use the space under your bathtub!

10. A wall organizer

This convenient jar organizer will help you have everything you need in the bathroom. What’s more, it doesn’t take up too much space. If you want to make it, check this link out.

9. Shelves above the toilet

Here’s another option to manage your storage: shelves don’t take too up much space. Simply Beautiful by Angela and Shades of Blue Interiors prove that we’re right.

8. A mirror storage case

A mirror will make the room look bigger and can hide an additional storage case for different items. For detailed instructions on how to make one, click here.

7. A transparent shower

A transparent shower screen together with light tones in the bathroom will make it look more spacious. Check this idea out.

6. A big mirror

A mirror is a great item that can make your room look bigger visually. You can enjoy examples of this design here and here.

5. A corner sink

When every single inch matters, you have to think about convenient bathroom equipment. A corner sink is a great decision.

4. Built-in shelves

In a small bathroom, people don’t want to have too many drawers, which is why it’s more convenient to use built-in shelves to store all your belongings. Check these links out to get inspired by wonderful ideas.

3. A sink above a washing machine

It’s an easy way to save up some space. And this interesting “union” won’t ruin your bathroom’s interior. Have a look at other examples of this design here.

2. Proper storage

Even a tiny cupboard can be used efficiently. Linda Bouffard tells us how to get rid of all the mess so we have the chance to store as many items as possible in there.

Another option to save space can be a stand with shelves. The author of the Golden Boys and Me blog says this stand was found in the kitchen aisle, but as you can see, it can be used in the bathroom too.

1. Layout

At this stage, you already have to think about the way you’re going to use your space. For example, you might install a shower instead of a bathtub or organize other pieces of furniture properly. You can have a look at some examples and get inspired here and here.


If your bathroom is extremely small, it doesn’t mean you can’t use its space wisely. This website proves that we’re right.

And here are some more excellent ideas to make your small bathroom look cozier:

Do you find these tips useful? Would you like to use any of them?

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