13 Feelings We Always Keep Secret

10 months ago

We are all different, but despite this fact, it’s clear that in everyday life we often experience the exact same feelings.

Inspired by this, we at Bright Side have created a serious of comics that show the kind of feelings we have in day-to-day situations.

When you put on heels

When you’re asked to choose your meal

When you’re waiting in line to use the cash machine

After a haircut

When your boss calls you to his office

When you decide to take a look at what the dentist is doing

When you go in an expensive shop

When you take a look at his friends list

When you find yourself alone in a dark room

When your kid notices your laptop

When you finally get your child to fall asleep

When you have to wait for a little while

When mom hugs you

Illustrator: Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side


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