Mom Draws Comics About Her Everyday Struggles That Any Mommy Can Instantly Relate To

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3 years ago

Carrying a heavy stroller up and downstairs, hiding to eat the last snack in the house, and always keeping one eye open — being a mother is hard work. But being ironic about having small children and even getting inspired by parenting challenges — that deserves an award. A Ukrainian artist named Olga Alexeeva creates illustrations that every parent can likely relate to.

Here at Bright Side, we found these works so close to real life that we couldn’t help but share them with you.

1. Silence is golden — unless you have a toddler.

2. Somebody said, “Come get a snack?”

3. Every mom has to have some level of ninja skills.

4. Sometimes mothers forget what quiet sounds like.

5. Other people’s children grow fast, but your own grow even faster!

6. Sometimes we all wish we had 4 hands...

7. The joy of baby’s first words

8. When your child changes outfits faster than fashionistas on the red carpet:

9. “They’re just exploring the world,” they said.

10. Strollers are really deceptive!

11. "It’s just me and you tonight. Or to be precise, me and you and the baby and the dog and the cat...

12. The value of the last piece of candy

13. Once it’s “we,” it’s always “we!”

14. Once you’re a mom, one eye is always open.

Do you recognize yourself or your friends in these pics? Do you know any other artists with really relatable illustrations?

Preview photo credit ola_comics / instagram


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I can believe this artist was able to draw all these situations! So related!


I'm not sure if I will be the same when I become a mother.. guess I will just have to wait and see


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