13 New Comedy Movies to Relax and Watch After a Tough Day

4 years ago

It is sometimes really hard to find a good comedy film to watch. The jokes may be over-the-top or not funny at all, the characters are often boring and dull. We wrote this article to help the people that love funny and kind films. This compilation is about the funniest films, that’ll lighten up any party.

We at Bright Side love interesting stories and good jokes. We hope that our compilation will help you have a good laugh.

Late Night

Katherine Newbury, the host of a popular late-night show, is on the verge of being fired. The ratings of her show are dropping and she can’t understand what she is doing wrong. Her male colleagues are scared of making her angry and don’t tell her anything in order to not lose their jobs. Everything is terrible until Molly joins their team. She is not scared of arguing with Katherine and telling her what she thinks. Maybe, her new look can save Katherine’s career.

  • IMDb rating — 6.5

The Specials

Bruno and Malik have been educators of children and adolescents with autism for more than 20 years. They believe that every child deserves to be loved. In order to help the children find their friends and adapt to life better, they decided to unite them and teach them to be a team. The result of the actions of this pair will surprise even the skeptical people from social services.

  • IMDb rating — 7.6

My Masterpiece

Arturo and Renzo have been friends for a long time. Arturo has a gallery and sells paintings. Renzo creates good paintings, but he loves loneliness and thinks that commissioned paintings are not real art. When Renzo’s paintings lose their popularity, Arturo remembers that artists’ works are valued much more after their death. And he makes a genius plan to try and earn more money.

  • IMDb rating — 7.1

100 Things

Best friends Toni and Paul are rich and they love buying different things. They have a lot of clothes, shoes, devices, accessories, appliances — it seems that their apartments have everything, except for free space. But one day, both of them wake up totally naked in their empty apartments. And then they remember that at a party, they made a bet that they could live without all their regular things. Now, all of their things are locked in a warehouse and they can only get one thing per day.

  • IMDb rating — 7.1

Greener Grass

This is a completely absurd comedy about 2 rich housewives that live in the suburbs. One of them gives her little girl to a friend, because she likes her. And then she sees her son turn into a dog. And she doesn’t worry much about these things, because they seem to be pretty normal for their crazy world.

  • IMDb rating — 6.3

Murder Mystery

After 15 years of marriage, Nick and Audrey finally decide to go to Europe and during their flight, they meet an English aristocrat who invites them to spend some time on his rich uncle’s boat. During the cruise, a murder happens on the boat, and Audrey, who likes detective stories, drags her husband into the investigation of this weird crime.

  • IMDb rating — 6.0


2 nerdy friends skipped all their school’s parties on purpose to prepare for getting into prestigious colleges. And they got in. But they found out that their classmates, who were always partying, had also managed to get into these colleges. The girls got really frustrated and they decided to make up for all the fun they missed in just one night.

  • IMDb rating — 7.2

The Whistlers

Cristi falls in love with Gilda so much that he is ready to do anything for her. He is a police officer and she is connected to the criminal world. In order to help her do something very complicated, Cristi has to learn a special whistle language and bust Gilda’s sidekick out of prison.

  • IMDb rating — 6.6

Dear Eleanor

2 15-year-old friends, Ellie and Max, run away from home to go on a trip across the entire country. They want to find Eleanor Roosevelt and make Ellie’s mother’s last dream come true. She wanted to meet the first lady of the country.

  • IMDb rating — 6.0

The Weasel’s Tale

A young couple wants to buy an estate where 4 elderly movie creators live: a director, a scriptwriter, a formerly known, but now forgotten actress, and her husband who is also an actor. In order to do the job, the couple pretends to be fans of the actress in order to make her sell the land to them. But they can’t even imagine how cunning and smart these old people can be.

  • IMDb rating — 7.3

The Farewell

This moving and funny film tells the story of an amateur writer, Billi, her grandmother, Nai Nai, and their big family. Billi’s grandmother is terminally ill and her neighbors decide to hide the truth from her so she can spend her last days in peace. Billi has a hard time pretending and she is constantly sad, while all of her relatives are preparing for the improvised wedding of her brother, which is actually just an excuse to see Nai Nai one last time. Nai Nai is happy and she has no idea why her granddaughter is so depressed.

  • IMDb rating — 7.7


Naina Mathur has had Tourette’s since childhood, but she really wants to become a teacher. Her students laugh at her, the headmasters don’t want to hire her, and her mother tries to convince her to try something different. Naina doesn’t give up and gets what she wants. She becomes a teacher at an elite school and gets the most uncontrollable children.

  • IMDb rating — 7.5

Love at Second Sight

Raphaël and Olivia met when they were in college and they were happy until his career started to develop. Gradually, Raphaël starts to pay less attention to Olivia, gets caught up in his work more and more, and then he kind of forgets about his wife. But all at once, everything changes. Now, Olivia is a famous pianist who doesn’t remember anything about her husband, and he is just a school teacher who has to get the love of his life back.

  • IMDb rating — 7.1

Tell us about your favorite comedy films. Which films would you recommend?


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We all watched the Hichki movie two years back and loved it. Naina was able to garner all the love from the uncontrollable students who become successful in their adult life and she becomes the principle of St. Notker’s school. By the way I’m an Indian and it’s an Indian movie.


I love Jennifer Aniston and she was so funny in Murder Mystery. Such a funny movie and they have great chemistry with Adam Sandler.


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