13 Under-the-Radar Car Products You Will Likely Be Thankful For

9 months ago

If your car is your second home and you use it for hours every single day, then you know how important functionality and comfort are in a vehicle. That’s why we decided to try and make your life a bit easier by finding 13 products that might prove to be lifesaving — and not just for you but also for your pet.

1. This carpet spot remover will work wonders on your car seats and mats. The product is great at removing pet accidents, grease, oil, ink, red wine, coffee, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, and grime. It’s water-based and not flammable.

This solution is perfectly safe to use around kids and pets if you follow the instructions correctly. That’s because it doesn’t have any strange or strong odor and is petroleum-free. It simply works on any colorfast carpets, upholstery, and materials that can be safely dampened with water.

Promising review:

  • I used to work in the steel industry and got oil stains all over our car and these stains have sat for over a year and a half. I have tried everything, and all of it was a waste of money until I found Folex. It took 1 whole 32 oz. bottle, but it worked so well, I instantly bought a 2-pack. If you have a stain that you don’t think will ever come out, give folex a shot. The photo above is 1 treatment. I also bought drill brush attachments to better agitate the stains. The photos above are from 1 day after cleaning because other products will make the stain go away but as soon as it dries they are back, not Folex though. I give my word it is totally worth the $12 they are asking. @Karl Emanuel

2. This scratch eraser kit removes blemishes and minimizes the appearance of surface scratches. You just attach the scrubber to your drill and get to work on the affected areas. The package comes with the special cleaning product, a foam attachment, and a microfiber cloth.

The procedure to use this is very simple: you just attach the foam to your drill, apply some of the blemish remover, and start treating the scratches. Then you can use the cloth to remove the defects and restore the shine to your car.

Promising review:

  • We’ve had a white post in our carport that for 8 years, I have never hit. This week, however, I must have gotten too cocky, and I rubbed the whole front part of my Honda Pilot along the darn thing while in a hurry to park. I never hit things. I like to think I’m at least a competent driver.
    But this month, there have been 2 small mishaps, including this one. My husband doesn’t need any more ammo on me to make fun of my driving after my first mishap. I’m sure I’m not the only wife who feels that way. I took to Amazon, Google, and YouTube to fix this on my own before I had to reveal my mistake to him.
    I know how to use a drill, and I understand the basics of waxing a car, so, after some research, I overnighted this product and got to work.37 minutes later... I am over the moon happy with how this product took ALL of the white paint transfer off my car. I am excited to also just wax the whole thing at this point, it worked that well. @Stephanie

3. Here’s a car cup holder expander that ensures all cup sizes will fit your car holder. It can even hold massive water bottles and thermoses from 3.4"-3.8″ in diameter. The base of the expander can also be modified to fit your cup holder’s size. You can even use this in your motorcycle, boat, or golf cart.

This car cup holder, made with solid, thick plastic and rubber tabs around the top of the cup holder, holds the cup firmly in place without tipping or spilling when driving down the road. And if you want to remove the expander from the holder, it’s very easy to do so.

Promising review:

  • When my 2003 Lexus SC430 was made, the cup holders were clearly designed to hold a cocktail glass, not a coffee tumbler. I’ve had more accidents with 20-ounce soda bottles and coffee spilling over when I turned, I’ve taken to holding my cups while turning with one hand.
    Well, no more! This cup extender works perfectly! I can now have a 20-ounce bottle in my car without worrying about spills. I’ve tested it with sharp corners and my drinks stay put. I was worried about the size blocking my shifter, but there’s no problem. It works great! Thank you! @Paul Harder

4. This driver alert system doesn’t let you fall asleep at the wheel. You basically wear the gadget around your ear and the moment it feels you’re losing consciousness, it starts going off. The moment you nod your head 15o-20o, the device knows that something is going on, activating the alarm.

The gadget has an on/off button, and it’s best to turn it on as soon as you put it behind your ear. It’s very lightweight and it operates using batteries. You can check the batteries every 6 months, but they’ll probably last you for around 30,000 nods.

Promising review:

  • I fell asleep just 2 blocks from home. I was driving at “residential” speed and there were no other cars on the road, so I got lucky. Apparently, I made a sharp turn in the middle of the block and ran straight on into a square curb, bouncing back into the road with a mangled front suspension. It happened so fast, I thought I must have been hit by a car I never saw, but there was no body damage and a witness told me that driving into the curb was all on me, so I finally realized I’d fallen asleep.
    A year later, I made plans for a cross-country road trip and the thought of falling asleep again really scared me, so I bought this device and a fancy thing that mounted on the windshield to monitor my eye movements. That one showed promise but had a couple of fatal flaws — one was that the verbal warning to tell me my eyes were not on the road had been recorded by a soft-spoken woman with a pleasant voice.
    Anyway, THIS device worked perfectly and even woke me up 3 times, which could easily have been fatal. Didn’t want to push my luck, so I pulled off the highway as soon as I could to stretch my legs and drink a coffee. Even if you’ve never dozed while driving, this is very cheap insurance to avoid that first time, just sayin’. @S J Anderson

5. These seat gap fillers block stray items from falling under your seats. They are 1.5″ wide and 19″ long. They fit most cars and trucks. They’re made with very durable material that’s also waterproof, scratch-proof, and very easy to clean.

The package comes with 2 of these gap fillers that effectively stop items and debris from falling under and between the seats. They are extremely easy to install and don’t require any special tools. Their price is also a plus.

Promising review:

  • I will never have a car that doesn’t have these things installed. I’ve only had them for a few months, and they’ve saved me from having to fish stuff out from between the seats nearly a dozen times already. They are also the perfect color for my 2020 Toyota Highlander XLE Hybrid. They seriously look OEM. You can’t tell the difference between the texture and color of the leather. These things are absolutely amazing! One of my best purchases ever. I think I’ll be buying another set of these as Christmas presents for my parents. @Keith

6. This hidden storage box can comfortably fit at the back end of your car. The little vault offers good storage space and can be installed very easily without the use of any tools. There’s also a dust cover, which hides the fact that this is a vault and needs a secret combination to unlock.

In order to lock this vault, you need to insert your personal 4-digit code. Then you can open the little drawer and take your personal items. It’s perfect for keys and a little bit of money. The vault stays put due to its magnetic holders, which are very strong and won’t fall off at the first bump.

Promising review:

  • I love my hidden vault. I surf almost every weekend and use this thing a lot. I hide my car keys there because I can’t take them in the water with me. Also, it’s obvious if you’re being watched to let them see you hiding your keys on the car’s frame or on top of the axle. The receiver cover completely hides the key pad and just looks like a simple hitch cover. My friends want their stuff in there too, but be advised the slot tray is pretty small but can hold credit cards or a large set of keys. @Amazon Customer

7. This garage parking laser assistant senses your surroundings and helps you park perfectly. It can even help in cases where 2 cars are parked next to each other. The lasers have a 33-foot detection range and automatically shut off after 30 seconds of no movement.

In order to use this assistant, simply toggle the button located on the side of the unit to switch between 1 or 2 lasers. The lasers have a 360-degree adjustment, ensuring that no matter the vehicle or parking spot size, the laser will be able to hit the mark each and every time.

Promising review:

  • Does exactly what I expected it to — senses motion and shoots a strong red dot onto the vehicle. Target something, like your dashboard or a part of your hood, to park in the same spot each time and keep from pulling in too far or too shallow. It’s easy to install, and I mounted mine onto the ceiling of my garage where I also had an open outlet.
    The only problem I encountered was placing it between 2 cars with one laser on each car. In order to get the laser pointed properly, the laser needs to move further than it allows. I’m working on moving it to another spot to perhaps get it to work for my 2 vehicles. Applications will vary, however, depending on how far apart you park your vehicles, the height of your ceiling, etc. Perhaps something more to consider when you are figuring out where to mount it. @Timothy Daugherty

8. These are novelty stickers you can put over the buttons that you don’t use. Each sticker is 0.75″ x 0.75″ and will give your car a more fun and playful appearance. The package comes with a total of 15 stickers. They’re all made of clear vinyl.

There are many different designs included, giving you the ability to choose the ones you like the most. You can find stickers about smoke, oil slicks, ejecting, sawblades, missiles, bananas, and many, many more.

Promising review:

  • These are pretty good stickers. The adhesive could be a little stronger, but overall the quality is good. Dressed up some unused buttons in my truck and never said anything. Kids get in weeks later and see the new buttons. They thought it was pretty cool, and the youngest thought they were legit! Putting them in my golf cart at work next. @KC945

9. This car seat storage mesh and organizer helps you store a few extra things next to you without having them slide back. The mesh is very adjustable and flexible and will help you stay focused while on the road. It can also keep your dog from climbing into the front seats.

There’s no drilling or stickers required. It’s equipped with 4 reliable safety hooks that make the storage mesh very simple to hook up to the headrest posts. You can do it all in just 1 minute and with the least amount of effort.

Promising review:

  • So, we’re riding along in the truck and the boss has her purse perched on the fold-down central console. The first corner and the bag goes tumbling into the back, dumping its contents all over the floor. Not good. But no more, not with this nifty net! 4 clips — one on each headrest and then one each on the seat floor brackets— and the aggravation has come to an end. Not bad, not bad at all.
    I liked the mesh net so much, I got one for my Jeep Cherokee. This one is updated with 2 pockets, and it attached with no difficulty, functions as advertised, and has made the whole “where did the purse go?” conundrum mute. I am going to be buying more for family members for Christmas — it will help keep purses straight, dogs in the back seat, and “stuff” organized. @Thomas S. Dickinson

10. This small blind spot mirror attaches to your side mirror, giving you excellent visibility. Just press hard on the little mirror over the bigger one in order for it to stick well. It can rotate 360o and is adjustable for all mirror types. The adhesive tape makes its installation a piece of cake.

These blind spot mirrors help you to assess your surroundings when passing or changing lanes. They can be used both on the interior and exterior mirrors and with most types of cars. The mirror is 2 inches big and might prove to be a bit small for a much larger car.

Promising review:

  • Seriously, a lifesaver for my old ride! Installation? A piece of cake. No tools, no fuss — just peel and stick. Safety-wise, they’re like having a rearview superhero. Those pesky blind spots? Poof, gone! Merging and changing lanes is a breeze now. HD glass, check. Wider view, check. They’re basically my car’s new best friends. @Santosh Bhandari

11. This is an emergency seat belt cutter and window hammer that aims to get you out of difficult situations. The package includes 2 of these tools so you can place them in different places in your car. They’re designed to help you escape from a sinking, overturned, crashed, or burning car.

The package also includes a protective bracket for even safer storage. It’s best to store this tool in the center console or the driver-side door pocket. It will easily allow you to cut your seatbelt off or break a window if necessary.

Promising review:

  • I was pleasantly surprised that these did not turn out to be lightweight flimsy things that may or may not do the job when needed. They are solid and have some heft to them — not lightweight dollar store cheap plastic feel. In other words, I trust these would hold up and do the job in an emergency panic moment if needed. Also, the plastic protector that holds them is needed to keep the very sharp tip end from puncturing anything near it or ripping your skin if feeling around for it, and this is not difficult to remove in a quick second from its holder. Just pull and out it comes, it is removed very easily. And it’s a great value too, so you can put one in the center console within easy reach and maybe another in the side door holder or glove box. @Amazon Customer

12. This waterproof pet carrier attaches securely to any of your car’s seats and protects your pets from falling over. It’s very easy to clean any hair off it since you only need a vacuum. When not in use, you can fold it and put it away. It’s only 5 cm thick when folded.

The carrier has a built-in PE board at the front and the back and also 2 PVC tubes on both sides to prevent it from collapsing. It comes in 3 different colors: blue, black, and gray. It doesn’t come with instructions, but they are not even needed based on how easy it is to assemble.

Promising review:

  • Sturdy little car seat, definitely great value for the money. Quite snug for my dog who is a Jack Russell cross, but he is now far happier traveling in the car, as it’s something that makes him anxious. No instructions for assembly, but it’s self-explanatory and reasonably easy to fit in the car. Very secure once fitted and easy to take in and out once the straps are the correct length.
    One strap goes around the back of the seat and one over the headrest, then there are 2 clips the seatbelt goes through, but it didn’t really need the seatbelt as it’s secure, even without that. I’m very happy with this seat, as is my dog. @Michelle

13. This windshield snow cover easily attaches to your wheels and stays in place no matter how windy it is. It also features suction cups for additional security. There are 2 sizes that fit all vehicles, the medium for cars and the large for SUVs and trucks. It is very easy to remove and fold away.

The snow cover comes with a zip storage bag, so you can keep it safely in your car. Not only that, but the package includes 2 covers for your side mirrors. These covers will not damage your car or the paint on it. The patented and handmade design will stay in place and protect your windows.

Promising review:

  • Just came back inside from today’s major ice storm. This worked like a charm. Absolutely everything I was hoping for. Last year, after an ice storm, I spent more time cleaning out the wiper well, scraping the window and trying to clean the wipers, than I did shoveling and snow blowing. Today, I just carefully lifted the magnets and where the ice froze the cover to the car, and magic, presto, all was perfectly clean.
    I wish I’d known about these things years ago if they even existed at this level. The first time you install this, you need to adjust the straps for your car’s mags. It only takes a few seconds to figure it out. Once you’ve made your adjustments, the next time you use it, you’re all set. It takes a minute or 2 to install. Make sure everything is sealed tight before you’re done, and the wind will NOT move it around. The way the doors hold it, the suction cups, magnets, and the mag hooks. It stays in place. It’s great.
    I bought it late last year and used it, but not for a major pain-in-the-butt storm. Today was the big test and I have to share. It’s great. It seems to be sturdy enough, we’ll see how long it lasts, I didn’t notice any potential break points. So I think it will have a long life. @LitCritic

For some of us, the car isn’t just a means of transportation but part of our daily life. And for those who travel a lot, their car is practically their home. That’s why you need to make it feel comfortable and fill it with everything you need in case of an emergency.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.

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