13 Women Who Proved That Age Is Nothing but a Number

3 years ago

For some women, turning 30 can be a scary event because it’s the moment when they realize they’re starting to grow older. This fear of age, no doubt, stems from social norms related to women’s appearance — expecting them to look perfect for the rest of their lives no matter what happens. However, signs of aging are very common, and we all have them, men and women, alike. That’s why it’s only normal to understand that every woman can (and should) love herself no matter what she looks like. And this includes signs of age.

At Bright Side, we admire these beautiful and brave women who don’t care about their age, nor do they let that stop them from loving themselves or living a healthy life. So we encourage you not to worry about what others expect you to look like and to feel beautiful for who you are, inside and out. After all, age is nothing but a number, and here’s proof of that.

1. “I’m not a ‘girl,’ I’m a freckled 40-year-old woman. Is that allowed?”

2. “Yes, I’m 39. I have good genes. I made sure to accentuate my forehead wrinkles here. 😂”

3. “Just graduated with a teaching degree. Still living at home, recently single, car totaled, no job — oh, and I’m 30.”

4. “Hey! I’m 30.”

5. “Feel a bit down about having turned 40 yesterday, any chance anyone can make me feel a little bit better about it?”

6. “I’m 35 today.”

7. “I’m 40 and I’ve never felt better in my life! Self-love is the best love.💕💕”

8. “At 30 years old, I finally got my first actual professional hair color ever, and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it!”

9. “Me at 10 (people thought my brother and I were twin boys), and me at 34 — sucking my thumb gave me those chompers, but braces fixed it!”

10. “27 to 37 — getting older isn’t so bad!”

11. “40-year-old redhead, my hair is fading to a weird yellow. Should I go back to my favorite dark reds, like in 4, 5, and 6?”

12. “Turning 40 in a month, decided to go PINK!”

13. “Almost 40”

What’s the worst thing about getting older, what’s the best thing about it, and have you managed to do what you really wanted to do when you were younger? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to read about your experience!

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Being in your 40's isn't being old anymore these days. Heck, even 50 isn't that bad! I think it's when you reach 60 that genes and good skincare show their successes the best.


40 year old roller derby doll... never too old to put on a pair of skates!! 😂

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