14 Amazon Products You Can Add to Your Beauty Care Routine

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According to studies, skin renewal takes 28 days, the same amount as the ovulation cycle. It’s amazing how everything in our bodies is interconnected! Your lifestyle, your diet, the amount of sleep you get, and the products you use can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

In this list, you’ll find products that sort out the little problems in your routine to make you glow every day without exception.

1. You may not even be aware that this product exists, yet it can save your skin. This oil has over 11,000 Amazon reviews and claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and skin tone. It contains a blend of plant oils and vitamins A and E.

Promising review: I always keep a bottle of bio oil on hand for when my skin needs a little extra help. I don’t use it daily as I use other oils too. I mainly use it in the morning around my décolleté and bust as it absorbs quite quickly. @Brummie

2. If you suffer from build-up on your scalp, this shampoo brush will help you deep clean and exfoliate your scalp while stimulating circulation and relieving tension by massaging your head. Buyers are happy with how this gadget has helped them with hair loss and dandruff.

Promising review: I bought it to help with hair growth and condition, but I also found that with me having fibromyalgia, I struggle to wash my hair due to fatigue, so this helps as it takes out the strenuous part of having to scrub with your fingers. This has really helped with my shower routine and made things easier for me, which is fantastic. Also, my scalp feels cleaner and my hair feels softer. @tammi b.

3. Are you sick of touching your face and feeling oil on it? This oil-absorbing face roller will become your go-to everyday product. Because it is compact and travel-friendly, you can toss it in your purse and use it on the go. It is made of volcanic stone and, unlike blotting paper, is reusable.

Promising review: I couldn’t believe how well this worked. I was skeptical, even though I saw reviews. I have really oily skin, so when I wear makeup, some of it always seeps through. This stuff is a game changer and instead of piling on more powder, I can just swipe this and be done! @Lucia Maio

4. Compressed sponges are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads, as they are made from 100% natural sponges extracted from wood pulp. They are soft on the skin and great to use as an everyday exfoliator. These sponges are also convenient to take on trips because they are compact, but once dipped in water, bam!—sponge.

Promising review: These sponges are amazing. They feel a little firm at first, but soften after a couple of uses. They go on very softly and feel really nice on your skin. They also last for ages. I highly recommend them. I will definitely be buying these going forward! @Amz Customer

5. This ice roller has caused quite a fuss on TikTok. It will tighten and tone your skin and de-puff your eye area. A few recipes are included in the set to help maximize the product’s impact. Apply ice to clean your face in the morning for an instant wake-up, or use serums and facial masks to accelerate product absorption. Apply at 30-second intervals and in circular motions daily.

Promising review: I use this most mornings. I’ve noticed a difference in the lines under my eyes and my skin tone — it’s not as patchy as it was.
Yes, you could just use an ice cube, but the holder makes it so much easier and less messy. I just hold a towel under my face when I use it :) @M.M

6. You’ve probably experienced water running into your clothes’ sleeves when going through your skincare routine. It is a very unpleasant feeling... That is why these wrist washbands can make your spa routine more enjoyable. They come in a set of 4 pairs and are made of microfiber.

Promising review: I hate washing my face. I hate getting water everywhere. When I saw these, I thought, “great idea!” And I wasn’t disappointed. These have been amazing. They soak up water well—no silly drips down the elbows or water all over the floor. They dry quickly, ready for the next morning. With 4 sets, I can wash some while still using the others. To wash them, I simply throw them in a laundry bag and let them air dry. Amazing, cute, and so practical. @Pastel

7. This affordable strawberry lip mask is an excellent alternative to more pricey skin care products. It contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil, so it’s fantastic for moisturizing your lips. Use this product before bed, and you’ll wake up with perfectly soft lips.

Promising review: This is great — I use it as a regular lip balm during the day in addition to overnight. I have dry lips and need something long-lasting. I love that when I wake up, my lips still have the product on—it’s really long-lasting. I would say it’s definitely not quite as good as the name-brand pink tub, but for this price, I wouldn’t consider going back. Great scent too! @Kate Morgan

8. This razor is ideal not only for travel but also for everyday use. Thanks to its compact size, you can quickly get into all the places. When you need to change the blade, you can replace it with any Venus razor blade. It also comes with a case to put safely in your bag.

Promising review: Perfect for travel and keeping in your handbag in case you spot that you’ve missed a patch when you’re out and about. It doesn’t leave any razor bumps, and it’s easy to maneuver around the contours of the body. I have repurchased this razor a couple of times now because it is so convenient and brilliant for taking on holiday. @E.S.P

9. We will never let expensive skincare products go in the trash. You’ll be surprised at how much product can remain at the bottom of the bottle, so this beauty spatula will be an essential item in your cosmetic bag. The long handle is great for getting to the bottom of containers.

Promising review: I cannot believe I have only now found out about this product. It is literally magic on a stick. Those really satisfying videos that everyone watches are no longer useful now that I have this product. One swoop around the glass, and it is literally clean. It’s amazing. The amount of product you can get from the bottom of a tube is actually mind blowing. 10/10 would recommend!!! @Lauren

10. Have you always wanted to experiment with the shape of your eyebrows or feel how your makeup will lay without the “peach fluff” on your face? Now’s your chance. These razors are very cheap, and you get 15 pieces at once. In addition, they help to exfoliate the dead skin on the face.

Promising review: I bought these to use for exfoliating/removing peach fuzz from my face, and they do the job well. The blade is sharp enough that you can do your face twice over before you need to swap, but even then the blade can still be used on thicker hair. @Lauren

11. Give your feet a rest! These sock masks will not only remove undesirable peeling skin, but they will do it with ease and no pain. After only one 60-minute application, you’ll see a difference in just a few days. Very easy to apply, and the results are fantastic—your feet will feel as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Promising review: I tried other brands in the past, but this one is the best so far! I kept the socks on for an hour. Peeling started on day 6. And what a difference! My skin was peeling in big chunks. I never had such a significant result before. I highly recommend it. @KamilaPF

12. We all know SPF’s importance, but we often forget to use it. This water-resistant stick with SPF 50+ will make this task easier because it’s much smoother to apply than regular cream. Just put it in your bag, and you can forget about it. It won’t leak and leave unpleasant oily stains in your bag.

Promising review: I used this on my face on vacation last year and only applied it once in the morning. I was in and out of the pool/sea all day, and my face didn’t burn once. I easily burn due to being ginger, but this has been the only sun cream to stop me from burning, and I only applied it once. @Sian10101

13. No one likes pimples or sudden spots on the face. Use these acne patches to fight zits the smart way. The patches create a moist environment and optimal conditions for your spot to heal. Plus, they’re vegan and non-irritating. You no longer have to worry about acne messing up your plans.

Promising review: I wish I’d come across these a lot sooner! I don’t really get spots, but when I do, it tends to be a fairly decent size one. Rather than squeeze and make my face sore, I just pop one of these on overnight, and in the morning it’s nearly healed. @Tasha Boyes

14. Give your face the next level of skincare. With this retinol serum for the face and neck, you can successfully fight the signs of aging without irritating your sensitive skin or making it dry. 91% of customers have noted its effectiveness.

Promising review: Absolutely love this! I took ages to research and choose the right product, and I’m glad I picked Éclat! The serum is absolutely amazing. It’s been a few days since I’ve been using it, and I can tell my skin already feels nourished. I will most certainly purchase again. @Maria

Could you spend the rest of your life using only soap and water for your skincare routine? How many days would you be able to last? And what cosmetic products can you not imagine your life without?

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