14 Most Unusual Reasons Why Celebrities Turned Down Big Movie Roles

3 months ago

When it comes to the world of Hollywood, turning down any role can be a risky move for a celebrity’s career. However, sometimes the actors have the privilege to reject an offer for whatever reason they want, and some of them are pretty hilarious.

1. Sean Connery — Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings

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Casting directors saw the first James Bond as the perfect fit for Gandalf. However, Sean Connery rejected their offer because he didn’t understand the script. “I read the book. I read the script. I saw the movie. I still don’t understand it,” he said.

2. Tom Cruise — Edward in Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton wanted his main character to be played by Tom Cruise, but many aspects of Edward confused Cruise, so he asked many questions. Screenwriter Caroline Thompson revealed that the actor wanted to know things like how Edward goes to the bathroom and how he lives without eating. He wasn’t willing to star in the movie without the answers, so he turned down the role.

3. Will Smith — Neo in The Matrix

Will Smith was chosen to play Neo because of his roles in other movies like Men in Black and Independence Day. But the actor said the movie’s plot seemed too complicated for him then and that he was done with sci-fi films for now.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow — Rose in Titanic

James Cameron originally wanted Gwyneth Paltrow to play Rose, but the actress turned the role down after reading the script because the film seemed too sentimental. In addition, she had other projects at that time that interested her more than Titanic, giving a chance to Kate Winslet to step into the spotlight.

While Paltrow could’ve been Rose, the role of Jack could’ve gone to Matthew McConaughey. The details are here!

5. Matt Damon — Jake Sully in Avatar

Damon was approached about playing the role of Jake Sully, but he had to reject the offer since he had other commitments. For Avatar, he was offered 10% of box office earnings, which would’ve made the actor more than $250 million. He looks back at his decision and says, “I will go down in history. You will never meet an actor who turned down more money.”

6. Michelle Pfeiffer — Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs

Michelle Preiffer was offered the role of FBI agent Clarice Sterling, but she turned it down because of the “evil” script. She said she felt uncomfortable with the ending and didn’t want to bear the responsibility of bringing such a thing into the world.

7. Al Pacino — Han Solo in Star Wars film series

The actor refused to work on the first installment of Star Wars because he did not exactly understand the script. It wasn’t very easy for him to play a leading role without understanding the plot, although he was considered a strong candidate for Han Solo role.

8. Jack Nicholson — Allie Fox in The Mosquito Coast and Michael Corleone in The Godfather

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Jack Nicholson refused to do a movie because he did not want to miss watching a basketball game. The role would require him to travel out of the country for shooting, and he was not up for this commitment at the time.

The actor was also offered the main part in The Godfather, and Nicholson was willing to play Michael Corleone at first, but ended up declining the offer because he thought he believed the role should be played by an Italian actor.

9. Mark Wahlberg — Donnie Darko in Donnie Darko

Wahlberg could have been the leading man in Donnie Darko, but he refused because he strongly insisted that the character should have a lisp. The director did not see things his way, so they parted ways, and Jake Gyllenhaal played the role.

10. Bruce Willis — Sam Wheat in Ghost

Over the years, Willis expressed his regret over turning down Ghost, but it seemed like the right decision to him at the time. He could not understand the romance between a human and a ghost and felt that this concept did not work well.

11. Pierce Brosnan — Batman in Batman

Brosnan went to auditions for 1989 Batman, but a “stupid comment” he made during it cost him the role. He recalled: “I remember saying something stupid to Tim Burton. I said, ‘You know I can’t understand any man who would wear his underpants outside his trousers.’”

12. Liam Neeson — James Bond in James Bond film series


Liam Neeson could have been Agent 007, but Natasha Richardson, who was his fiancée at the time, did not like the idea. She gave him the ultimatum that if he took the role, she would not want to marry him anymore.

Perhaps Neeson made the right decision after all because the couple eventually got married and was together for 15 years, up until her death in 2009. He is staying faithful to her to this day, and you can read more about this in our article.

13. Ewan McGregor — Patrick Bateman in American Psycho


McGregor was the first choice to play Patrick Bateman, but he ultimately said no to the role, because Christian Bale asked him to do so.

Bale made a comment on the situation: “I phoned a few people and let them know my commitment, let me tell you! I called them all and told them it was my role. Don’t touch. Step away. Or if you’re not going to step away, understand what you’re up against.”

14. Jason Momoa — Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy

Momoa said that he rejected the role of Drax because he didn’t want to take off his shirt in the movie again. He felt like he was getting into a cycle of repetitive roles, “I was on Stargate: Atlantis for four years playing a similar character called Ronon, an alien who didn’t say much and grunted. I’ve been there and done that, whether people have seen it or not.”

Interestingly enough, there’s a big Hollywood name who wanted the role of Drax but didn’t get it. You can read more about it in our article.

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