14 People Who Mastered the Art of Being Lazy

year ago

We all feel lazy at times, but some of us have gone beyond all levels of laziness and come up with creative solutions. Whether it’s avoiding annoying chores or finding a unique way to decorate a Christmas tree, laziness has once again proven to be the mother of invention. We couldn’t help but laugh as we scrolled through these pictures shared by lazy people who are secretly genius.

1. “My friend built a floating table over her bed, so she never has to stand up again.”

2. “I thought I was the laziest in the family.”

3. “Too lazy to get the tree out and put the drum kit into storage. I think it worked out fine.”

4. “I made onion rings but I didn’t want to wash a plate so I put them on a chopstick.”

5. “I’m never washing my hair again.”

6. “My Dad’s Christmas tee.”

7. “When you’re too lazy to wash them dishes so you do this.”

8. “Laziness level: college student.”

9. “No reason for a bed anymore.”

10. “My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one.”

11. “I’m too lazy to make a bunch of little ones for just one person.”

12. “My daughter wanted a fort. I was feeling lazy.”

13. “I was making homemade churros for the husband and the tip of the piping bag popped out. Too lazy to fix it.”

14. “I’m really lazy when it comes to putting on a costume.”

When was the last time you felt incredibly lazy?


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