14 People Who Took Their Designs to a Whole New Level of Creativity

2 years ago

There are good designs and then there are cool designs that deserve a gold medal. From smart business adverts to eye-catching decor that will capture anyone’s imaginations, we are gob smacked. The heights designers go to to make one-of-a-kind products deserve a standing ovation and to be shared far and wide.

Check out some of the coolest designs that we at Bright Side have found and see which of them ignites your creativity the most.

1. “This would have been useful back in school.”

2. This is a very effective McCafé ad.

3. “This railing on a gazebo in Naples has Braille describing the view for blind people. More of this please.”

4. Bicycle racks in the shape of paper clips

5. “These chairs in Paris cut to fit the sidewalk.”

6. “My bike seat is also a bike pump.”

7. This toilet’s decoration is like no other.

8. “This restaurant built its roof around the tree to preserve it.”

9. Someone’s car was upgraded with bottle caps.

10. This business puts QR codes onto their cookies.

11. “This juice bottle makes it look like there is a gecko inside.”

12. “My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky.”

13. “The tread on these funky thrift store shoes.”

14. “This was spotted out in the wild this afternoon.”

What clever and unique designs have you found? Which are your top 3 favorites from the article?

Preview photo credit Soioig56 / Reddit


most of these are nice but this bottle caps car is very questionable 😂

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