14 People Who Totally Didn’t Get Their Money’s Worth

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Sometimes when we buy things, they don’t bring us joy or satisfaction. It’s like a conspiracy to make us buy things that disappoint us. This can happen a lot with online shopping. For example, we might order sneakers and receive high-heeled shoes instead or a pillow that looks big online but is actually very small in real life.

When you order your Halloween costume on the wrong website:

“The hiking boots I ordered online look slightly different than the picture they provided.”

“My new free running shoes after my first run — now with all these rocks in the soles, I have to throw them away.”

با مواد مثل یک تیکه قیر یا پلاستیک ذوب شده می توان سوراخ ها را پر کرد تا سنگ داخل آن ها نرود .


“A little surprise inside my cookie container”

A lot of packaging, very little chocolate...

“The ’giant’ fish I ordered vs what I received”

“This is why I don’t buy clothes online.”

“This is not satisfying”

Laser-etched branding on prescription glasses looks like they have a smudge on them to the person wearing them.

“The way my expensive sports bra leaves marks on my back”

“Every single onion I just bought is like this. I got them today.”

Transparent sun visor

“I paid for a first class train ticket that advertised a ’table.’ ”

“Bought rings online”

Online shopping can be frustrating because we may receive something different than what we expected — for example, a box full of toilet paper instead of your Christmas present or a size “small” dress, which can fit two people.

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Rosettex3 / Reddit, Amourah / Reddit


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