20+ People Who Tried But Failed Dramatically at Doing a Single Job

3 years ago

Fails are a part of life. Even when you have a single job and mess it up, like mounting the toilet so that the door to the bathroom doesn’t close, putting Elmo doll’s eyes on the back of his head, or even just misspelling words in a funny way... it’s ok! We learn from our mistakes. The best you can do is to share this lesson with others, to prevent the same situation, and laugh at it just like these people did.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve gathered some pictures that can make you wonder what on Earth the people doing their jobs were thinking!

1. That’s a tall girl, if you ask me...

2. Ah yes, education!

3. “Not sure if that’s how this works.”

4. “No wonder I was struggling...”

5. Walmart never fails to deliver!

6. “Not sure what colors my kid should use to fill this in.”

7. Everybody’s cool on the first day of scohol!

8. I — slightly pregnant, II — pregnant, III — very pregnant.

9. This Elmo was born with eyes on the back of his head.

10. Thanks, I feel safe now.

11. So you can enjoy the view of the fields you drive by.

12. “So, it’s a newly renovated middle school.”

13. I made the sign, boss.

14. Teachers making quizzes be like...

15. No need to apologize, it happens!

16. Just consider it double-stuffed.

17. I can see/hear you! Not exactly sure yet.

18. Well it’s close... close enough.

19. No one paid me to move the cones!

20. Printed the poster, boss!

21. Apparently, they don’t like the spout...

22. Be careful, this layout might give you a nervous tic.

When was the last time you have seen something that made you say, “You had one job...”? We’d be happy to see your pictures and comments in the section below!

Preview photo credit Shrekthe***above / reddit


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