18 Unique People Whose Bodies Are Absolute Wonders

2 years ago

When we talk about mutants, we probably think about X-men, telepathy, and bending metal bridges. But, scientifically, any slightest change in our DNA — read, any physical or physiological characteristic — can be considered a mutation. Blue eyes, red hair — both are mutations. Sometimes you think that you’d rather be bending bridges than have blue eyes.

Bright Side believes that all people are unique, so we found photos of 18 people to show how unusual our features can be sometimes.

1. “There’s a patch on my leg that doesn’t get goosebumps.”

2. “Same eyes. 87 years and 3 generations apart.”

3. “I have a birthmark in my eye!”

4. “I have clinodactyly, it makes my pinkies bend at an almost 140° angle. It doesn’t affect me in any other way, just makes my pinkies a bit more curvy than usual.”

5. “I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D.”

6. “My vitiligo affects my hair. Working toward my Geralt the Witcher look.”

7. “I have sectoral heterochromia and what I think is a pretty cool eye pattern!”

8. “How much thicker an Olympic archer’s right-hand fingers are compared to their left hand.”

9. “My naturally wavy hair made a double helix.”

10. “My left thumbnail has ridges on it.”

11. “I have abnormally long arms!”

12. “A row of my eyelashes fell out!”

13. “Fibular polydactylism on my right foot. A fully functioning extra toe that looks ‘normal’ to the naked eye!”

14. “My vitiligo sort of looks like a map.”

15. “I have elf ears.”

16. “My baker has the best fingers.”

17. “Me flexing my fingers as hard as I can vs my boyfriend”

18. “I have fraternal thumbs, 1 from each parent due to a genetic mutation on my dad’s side.”

What are your unique features? And what strange features have you seen?

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit


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