14 People Whose Day Got Off to a Bad Start

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When you’re having a difficult day, it’s better to smile at your problems than to take them too seriously. In fact, some researchers believe that joking and laughing are some of the most effective stress-reducing techniques. Also, a sense of being human is beneficial because it lifts your own spirit and that of those around you.

1. ’’After fixing my hair trimmer, I forgot to put the depth thing on.’’

2. ’’Bought some clearance sale bread. Now I know why it was on sale.’’

3. ’’I was also having a bad day.’’

4. ’’After 2 days of cookin’ beans, the pot explodes the night we were to feast on them.’’

5. ’’Yanked my nose ring out drying my face off. Could not get it back in and used a taper needle to keep it open until my local piercing shop opened up.’’

6. ’’AUGH! We just want to give our old phone to our friend’s kid for his diabetes monitoring app! Trying to reset it resulted in...this.’’

7. “It was already a bad day, but this tube of Vaseline decided to fall off my shelf, and now crying is no longer an option.”

8. ’’My phone after a 2-inch fall’’

9. ’’This ’blueberry’ muffin I ordered’’

10. ’’The leg room for my 13-hour flight’’

11. ’’The handle just broke off my brand new cast iron skillet. I haven’t even cooked anything with it yet.’’

12. ’’Just unboxed the ’brand new’ memory foam mattress I picked up this morning...’’

13. ’’I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for a rather expensive toilet so we can fit it at a client’s house, and it has finally arrived.’’

14. ’’I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows microbladed. It was a mistake.’’

Have you ever been in a bad situation that you would rather not remember? How do you handle the shocks that life sends your way?

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