13 Pictures That Perfectly Describe How Much the World Has Changed

3 months ago

Remember a time when air travel was only used by rich people? Or when kids used to be excited to play outside? According to a survey, kids the ages of 12 to 15 spent around 12.2 hours a week playing video games in 2017. Welcome to the future! We’re still on the fence about whether this is advanced or harmful for us. Is today’s new normal helping us or making us dependent on technology?

The Bright Side team experienced some nostalgic moments while collecting the pictures below. Take a look and decide which pictures touch you the most.

1. The appearances of humans and their computers

Have you ever wondered why we are often dealing with many health issues these days (obesity being the top concern)? Changing times have made us too dependent upon computers. While we used to spend a fraction of our days on computers, today, we’re completely addicted to them.

2. Breakups

Sulking over a breakup is a thing of the past. The new generation is too practical to cry over lost things and people. They are explorers and adventure seekers, and nothing stops them.

3. Marriage

Couples do love each other even now, but distance has grown naturally over time. The biggest hinderance between couples these days is the increased use of technology.

4. Withdrawing money

Remember when you used to have to wait in long lines to withdraw money from your bank account? So much paperwork and waiting around! And who knew just a few decades later, you would be getting your money just like you’d get a cold soda from a vending machine?

5. Corporal punishment in schools

No need to be scared of your teachers anymore. They won’t ever hit you now because they don’t want to get in trouble with the law.

6. Population

The streets don’t look empty anymore. Public places are now cluttered. The population is bursting at the seams in many parts of the world.

7. Housing

Gone are the days when common people could afford lavish properties. Big houses have now been replaced by small apartments. Firstly, there is limited space and affordability has dropped big time.

8. Talking to friends

Our lives were not so busy back then. But now we don’t even have time to meet up with our friends and are dependent on social media to say hello.

9. How kids play

Recall your childhood when you used to wait for your playtime. Kids used to get together and go out to play. This didn’t only give them physical exercise, but it also made their social bonds stronger. However, the only relationships kids have these days is with the remote control of their favorite video game.

10. Technology

There was a time when you had to book an overseas call with a telephone operator to contact someone. But now, you’re able to live chat with them over a video call without burning a hole in your pocket.

11. Entertainment

There used to be picnics, house parties and playing in the streets. Now, all that children share and enjoy are video games, mobile phones, and computers.

12. Work

Big piles of files and long stays at the office have now been replaced by working-from-home options. Technology has made work easier and it consumes much less time.

13. Family structure

Joint families gradually became a thing of the past. Now, it’s mostly nuclear families that we’re a part of.

How has life changed during all these decades for you? Do share your experiences with us.

Illustrated by Sergey Raskovalov for Bright Side


All these photos are totally understandable. When I open the door of my friend's house in intention of playing with him, he has a video game he's playing and doesn't even notice me till I say " Hey man!! I'm here !!! "

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